Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Elizabeth Smart Case - Smart Storms Out of Trial (UPDATE)

Elizabeth Smart's case has been on the minds of many, ever since the Utah teen was found months after having been abducted at knifepoint. Smart was forced to live as the polygamous wife of Brian David Mitchell, who is currently undergoing trial.

Wanda Barzee, Mitchell's ex-wife was married to the man during the time Smart was in captivity. She, too, faced jail time for her involvement, and actually gave testimony against her ex husband.

Mitchell has acted odd during the entire ordeal, even going as far as to sing in the courtroom, which caused him to have to be excused from the room several times.

However, today it was Elizabeth Smart herself who stormed out of the trial. This happened as a defense witness, a psychiatrist, testified that the reason that Mitchell raped Smart repeatedly was to impregnate her.

The defense is trying to claim that Mitchell is mentally ill, and therefore can't be held criminally responsible for what happened.

Smart has come to the States from a mission trip in Paris in order to take part in the trial.

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