Thursday, December 9, 2010

National Defense Authorization Act 2010 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' UPDATE

The National Defense Authorization Act 2010 and "Don't Ask Don't Tell" are two hot things on the agenda. While the lame duck session is nearing an end, there are many things that have yet to be resolved - such as the National Defense Authorization Act.

So what is the bill? It's the bill that keeps the government churning away. Without it, government spending on the military comes to a screetching halt.  That's why it's not really all that shocking that there could be some partisan back and forth as this particular bills failure to pass could be a really nasty thing.

Right now, there's a filibuster in the wings, which threatens the advancement of the bill.  President Obama has issued a statement revealing disappointment that the bill has not been passed yet.  For the last 48 years it has been passed, and without it - military families will be on the hook.

Everyone knows that the government won't leave the military hanging. However, this is a definite political gesture and game, and one that points out politics as usual.  President Obama has shown a willingness to compromise, giving in to some GOP demands in order to make headway in some of his desires.  He's been labeled a "sell-out" by the far left.

The filibuster is because a small group of senators oppose the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" which would end discrimination in the military dealing with sexual preferences. It's an executive order signed by Bill Clinton that meant that the openly gay could not serve in the military.

Maybe the National Defense Authorization Act 2010 will be able to pass before Congress Adjourns.

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