Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup Sweet 16 Bracket Updates

Today was the 2010 FIFA World Cup first day of the second rounds of the tournament. This time, the loser of each match is eliminated, meaning it was a sad day for two teams. One of those teams was team USA, and it was a very sad day for Americans and USA fans around the world.

The Americans loss against Ghana wasn't expected. Ghana was the only African team to make it into the round of 16, which it's good that at least one African team made it to the rounds given that the tournament is being hosted on their continent for the first time ever.

Ghana scored 2 points to USA's one, and the game was won during overtime. This made the suspense grow even more as the tournament unfolded.

The other match that took place today was Uruguay vs South Korea. The South Koreans will go home after they lost one to two to Uruguay.

Sunday's matches include Germany vs England and Argentina vs Mexico. (Argentina vs Mexico airs on ABC, while Germany vs England airs on ESPN.)

Many think that Brazil will be the winner of the tournament, as they are at the top of the FIFA rankings. They are also the hosts of the 2014 games, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil will meet up with Chile on June 28th at 2:30 PM EDT on ESPN. Brazil has had some mixed performances, and one misstep could cost them the title.


  1. go black stars; u've put pepper into their eyes, yankees, well i heard u've met ur expectations. this is wat i call BACK TO BACK ass whoopin...hehehe

  2. ESPN: ARGENTINA vs MEXICO: Another exciting match today as the 2010 FIFA World Cup Round of 16 passes the 60 min mark. ARGENTINA is slamming Mexico 3 to 0. Mexico struggling to put points on the board. Jp


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