Thursday, June 24, 2010

Al Gore Divorce and Affair Allegations and Sexual Harassment Controversy

Al Gore is taking pages from the book of President Clinton's presidency.  His divorce from Tipper shocked the world, and then it wasn't too much longer later that affair allegations started to pop up.  After all, why would anyone divorce after four decades together?

Once again, the National Enquirer is on the forefront of breaking a story involving a high powered official and some sort of infidelity.  This time, it is sexual harassment claims that involve the former vice president and an exotic masseuse.

Claims are that Al Gore sexually assaulted a masseuse, although charges were never filed - and no reason was given for the failure to file a report.  The Gore camp has dismissed claims that the masseuse was in some way paid off by the politician in order to stay quiet.

The National Enquirer may be a tabloid, but it does have a good track record at uncovering these types of stories.  They are the ones responsible for John Edwards' story becoming public, and also are responsible for uncovering the first of the Tiger Woods alleged affairs.

Still yet, Al and Tipper could just be getting divorced because they are tired of each other.  Forty years, a failed presidential campaign, and endless nights apart as Al traveled likely weathered their union.  Still yet, there are many who just aren't buying the couple's story that they just grew apart.

Whether or not the woman's claims are true or not have yet to be proven. However, this is a blemish on what was once seen as a strong and flawless political relationship.


  1. he lost the election because he rejected Clinton's assistance in the campaign because of his infidelity!

    What goes around comes around

  2. Al Gore is an immoral, corrupt politician just like the rest of the progressives around here

  3. Go get'um Al, just like Tiger, thinking and acting with the wrong head gets one more than just a couple rounds of golf-holes! He should have just hired some middle man (pimp) to arrange and keep his "additional work habits" discrete.

    Well, I don't blame him, Tipper is pretty much old hag and washed up anyways!

  4. what do you mean,by saying ,anyways? pfffe, al's nothing but a pigdog horker... he looks like he smells bad.

  5. Some things are better left Al Gorge getting a rub 'n' tug. :-@


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