Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ray's Hell Burger Becomes Destination of Obama's Lunch with Medvedev

Ray's Hell Burger seems an unlikely spot for Obama's lunch with Medvedev.  However, Ray's Hell Burger -one of the hottest spots in Arlington, Virginia became the destination for leaders of two of the world's superpowers.  President Barack Obama treated the Russian President to a meal at what has become one of Arlington's hottest eateries.

Ray's Hell Burger is located at  1713 Wilson Blvd., Arlington; 703-841-0001. Open for weekend lunch, dinner daily.

Not too long ago, Obama and Biden stole away to the location for a similar lunch venture, prompting much popularity.  Many want to know what makes this burger joint a presidential favorite.

According to the Washington Post, Obama had a traditional all-American cheeseburger, while Dmitry Medvedev added onions, jalepenos, and mushrooms. Perhaps Ray's Hell Burger will dub the meals the "presidential burger" and the "Russian Supreme"? Just a thought...

The choice in restaurants for this meal venture showcases how easy-going the President is.  He doesn't try to be fancy.  When a world leader visits, he's happy taking them to somewhere all-American where they can (almost) rub elbows with the common American.

Ray's was undoubtedly very busy as the pair's visit was likely the cause of a lot of surprise. After often do you see the President of the United States eating at a burger joint?

For those who are wondering if Ray's Hell Burger is affordable for the common American, it is.  The restaurant features many menu items that are under $10 each.

Both Obama and Medvedev are heading to the G-20 and G-8 summits in Toronto, Canada this weekend.

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