Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards about John Edwards Scandal

Elizabeth Edwards was the wife of Senator and former vice-presidential hopeful John Edwards. We all know that John was outed by the National Enquirer after having an illegitimate child with his mistress. Even though she had cancer, Elizabeth Edwards had enough and is now separated from her husband of 30 years.

It's stories like the John Edwards story that make the National Enquirer seem almost...credible. They recently broke a story about Al Gore and a masseuse who dubbed him a "sex crazed poodle." The 50-plus masseuse claims that Gore forced himself on her and demanded favors during his massage. She spoke with authorities about the matter. We're still waiting to see what transpires about this story.

Elizabeth is now opening up for the first time since separating from her husband. He's now got another child, his daughter with Rielle Hunter. Rielle was recently seen in the pages of GQ in a suggestive photo shoot.

Mrs. Edwards shows strength and determination. Although devastating, she hasn't let her husband's infidelities define her.

Cate Edwards, John and Elizabeth's 28 year old daughter also spoke out about her mother, commending how strong she remained even though her live had been "savaged" by people she didn't invite in it.

Elizabeth will open up to Matt Lauer. Her book, Resilience is also coming out soon. This book will likely be a big hit because it will tell how she coped with the infidelity of her husband, which is something that many people want to know more about.


  1. Eventually, there will be one decent human to have enough integrity to NOT come out with a book about the real story behind their highly publicized life.

  2. you are sooooo right all that money making everywhere

  3. and why must she and others talk, talk, talk in public? and then complain that their lives are not private!

  4. This woman can no longer credibly be considered a victim. She flew around the country and took MILLIONS from ordinary Americans AFTER she knew he was unfaithful and while their marriage had serious, legitimate strains. This is all being timed to coincide with the release of her book.

  5. I wonder if she ever reads this and realizes what others think of all this indecent outpouring to the public. Discretion would be so much more dignified.

  6. Hell no. I think she ought to trash the bum every chance she gets.


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