Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hurricane Alex 2010 and Tropical Storm Alex Make Headlines

Hurricane Alex 2010 could be the first hurricane of the season, although it is really Tropical Storm Alex.    The storm system is expected to strengthen as it goes over the warm waters of the Gulf, although it is not expected to make landfall anywhere around the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

This means that BP has dodged a bullet this time. However, many will keep their eye on Hurricane Alex and make sure that it doesn't change course and then threaten cleanup and containment efforts of the spill.

The Tropical Storm could hit the southeast of Texas then head over the northeast of Mexico. It's forecasted as a category 3 hurricane, which is strong but not as devastating as hurricanes such as Katrina.

The storm system will put BP one week behind in doubling their oil spill containment capacity. There are warnings that the wind patterns from the storm could push the oil slick more inland.

Portions of the efforts have been evacuated just in case.

Hurricane watches are in effect, and typically go into effect 48 hours before the first winds are expected to surface.

Hurricane season is just another facet in this year, which has been plagued with several natural disasters. From earthquakes to floods and now hurricane, it seems as if there is no end to mother nature's fury this year.

Of course, Hurricane Alex is only the beginning. The Atlantic hurricane season goes from now until later in the year. The warm waters of the Gulf make for a dangerous mix with hurricanes, as it helps them to gain strength as it moves across the waters.

Note - The photograph on this post is not of Tropical Storm Alex.

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