Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kyron's Law a Potential Legislation after Kyron Horman Missing Child Case

Kyron Horman went missing on June 4, and his case could bring forth a new law.  "Kyron's Law" would mandate having security cameras in all schools, the purpose being to keep children safe.  The reason that "Kyron's Law" is starting to make its way through the grapevine and to petitions is because the young seven year old was last seen at school.

The stepmother of the missing boy was the last to see him, and she said that she saw him in school on his way to his classroom 150 feet away.  Had security cameras been in place, her story could have been collaborated, and if someone was responsible for his disappearance they could have been easily identified.

However, there is politics involved in having surveillance videos all over the place.  There are those that say that the cameras could be a distraction.  In addition, they could be misused and some even think of them as a violation of privacy.

The systems would be expensive, yet many parents and concerned citizens are willing to fundraise to pay for the system.

Still yet, any measure that seeks to keep our children safe should at least be considered. Having no account of how the boy went missing and no one other than his stepmother with information about his disappearance is not acceptable in today's technological age.

So far, the investigation has centered on Terri Moulton Horman.  Her account of the day the boy went missing and her cell phone records do not exactly match up.  She has taken two polygraph tests, but authorities are tight-lipped about most of the investigation.  Hopefully, resolution is made in this case soon.

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