Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama Oil Spill Speech Discusses BP Oil Spill Response

President Obama gave a speech about BP and their oil spill response, outlining that he is not going to be easy on the oil giant. The speech was unlike any other Presidential address I have seen, as it was short, sweet, and to the point - registering in at only 18 minutes of talk time.  This is milliseconds in the world of politics.

For those who were looking for answers, such as a concrete plan of action - there was none given.  The President in a nutshell expressed his strong sentiments that he wants the oil spill stopped and that he is going to hold BP accountable.  How he will ensure that BP pays all the claims and doesn't file bankruptcy and walk away leaving the taxpayer holding the bag wasn't discussed.

However, the President will meet with the head of BP to discuss the response efforts.  What will transpire from that meeting has yet to be determined.

The President is also a supporter of the "cap and trade" bill, which would provide companies with energy credits that they could buy and sell to and from companies with different energy needs. The bill seeks to lower greenhouse gas emissions and lower dependence on foreign oil, thus creating an incentive to find alternative energy sources.

If you missed the President's address, you can watch it below.

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