Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup 2010 Bracket and Score Updates

The World Cup 2010 bracket and score updates are crucial to World Cup 2010 viewers.  The brackets become more and more important starting tomorrow, when we go to the second round where 16 of the 32 countries competing for the title will continue on for their quest for the title.

Today's matches included: Portugal vs Brazil, North Korea vs Ivory Coast, and Chile vs Spain and Switzerland vs Honduras.

Portugal vs Brazil ended in a draw, and the Ivory Coast beat North Korea 3:0.  Spain is leading by one point over Chile, and so far Switzerland and Honduras is in a draw.  Two matches are still in play.

Tomorrow's matches begin what is called the "Round of 16."  The first matches include:

Uruguay vs South Korea and Germany vs England.  These two matches occur at 10:00 AM EDT - one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The  US vs Ghana and Argentina vs Mexico takes place matches will occur at 2:30 PM EDT - one on Saturday one on Sunday.

The losers in these matches will be eliminated from the running towards the title.  After the Round of 16 is over, the round of eight will commence.  This will bring us to the semi-finals and then the final round.

Whether or not Brazil will make it into the semi-finals has yet to be seen. There have been some strange performances by the #1 ranked team.  They barely won against North Korea and they most recently had a draw.  We need stronger performances than this to guarantee the win.

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  1. The World Cup soccer tournament ought to be played every two years, and should double the number of teams involved.


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