Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2010 OIl Spill Gulf of Mexico Update - Oil Spill on 86th Day

The 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is on it's 86th day. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is 2010's worst disaster, and the nation's worst environmental catastrophe in history. From the wetlands in Louisiana to the white sugar sand beaches in the Florida panhandle - there's hardly a destination in the Gulf untouched by the spill.

BP has a lot on their plate trying to figure out what to do with the spill. After all, the entire Gulf Region's ecosystem has been compromised - that's something that's not easily remedied. In addition, countless individuals have lost their way of living.

The most recent issue that has been affected by the oil spill is the food chain for marine life. Scientists warn that if the changes continue, the marine life in the gulf will change and the fishing industry will never be the same.

We already knew this unfortunate fact. Many who have made their living fishing, shrimping, and being an oysterman are watching the situation very carefully. Those who love seafood need to watch the situation carefully as their favorite Gulf fare may not be available in the future.

If the industry is lost, then there will be widespread monetary damages felt throughout the region.

The oil spill is on its 86th day. It's hard to tell how long the devastation will continue, but the hope is that the well will be sealed within the coming days. Then, the focus can be on fixing the damage and getting the Gulf region back under control.


  1. 86 days. So, how many tons of oil do we think have gushed into the gulf?

  2. 105,000 barrels a day. 42 gallons in a barrel


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