Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Immigration Reform 2010 - Arizona and Other States Fight for Immigration Law Changes

The immigration reform 2010 started with one state's quest to stand up and do something about illegal immigration.  Arizona passed a controversial law which makes it a criminal offense to be in the state without legal status.  Of course, the law is a mirror of the federal law that is already on the books, but is loosely enforced.

There are actually many Americans - both natural born citizens and legal immigrants who are tired of the illegal immigrants driving up crime rates, giving all immigrants a bad name, and abusing the social services available for tax paying citizens.

On the other hand, there are those who oppose reform, claiming that it will infringe on the rights of legal immigrants by subjecting them to racial profiling.  However, law enforcement cannot stop someone and ask about their immigration status unless they are investigating another issue.  For instance, responding to a domestic call or pulling someone over for speeding.

Arizona isn't the only state that wants to pass comprehensive reform.  (Although saying 'reform' isn't really what's going on - the laws are already there they just need to be enforced).  Other states such as Mississippi, Texas, Michigan - countless others - want the same law as Arizona's SB 1070.

So much will depend on the federal lawsuit pursued by the Obama administration.  If the federal government is successful, then enforcing immigration laws will be the responsibility of the federal government and states won't be allowed to do so.


  1. The Governmental Decision to Deport 12 Million of Americas Hardest, and most Devoted Workers,(Immigrants) many away from their "Legal" Citizen Children, and the Mass Exodus begining in mid 2007, has Crashed America's Economy, it has left States with Massive Forclosures of vacated dwellings, it has also left them with Massive Excesses of Government, the Vacated dwellings have made States Overbuilt, completely halting both Construction and Growth, costing Millions of Americans their jobs in Construction.

    A very wise 1840's French Historian said: "America is great because it is good, when it ceases to be good, it ceases to be great."

    The Hard Labor these Immigrants gladly did, was the Foundation/Backbone of our Total Economy!

    This Hard Labor supports ALL other American jobs!

    This should be Painfully evident now, even to Politicians, and those claiming to be "Economists".

    Keep Bailing and Raising Taxes, it will simply "Bounce Back".

    To: Good and Brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.

  2. Yes deport as many as we can so we can help close down or outsource as many companies as possible to China.A lot of people hating immigrants does not know the first law of a healthy economy is that there should be demand. Many people translates more demand for products and services so why not make them productive citizen of our society.

  3. I just cannot decipher the puzzle hat every time there is a push for immigration reform, either in the form of big rally or possible legislation in congress, there are these issues of alleged terrorism. Is it merely a coincidence or a motivated force halt such actions? please advice.

  4. The Media, and the now Excessive Government that has been Deporting now find the need to create News, like the Phony "Shoot out in the Arizona Desert"!

    Show the Need not to be fired?

    Raise Taxes we need them, even though over thirty percent of Arizona's Population/Tax Base are gone! (Deported/Starved away.)

    "Fear Mongering"!

    America eats this Garbage up!, and the Media can't get enough whether it is True or perhaps Not?

    Prior to Sherrif Arpio, the Former M.C.S.O. Sheriff Godbehere, staged what at the time was the "Largest Drug Bust in Arizona History", He had a busted drug runner fly his float plane and land at Saguaro Lake, (near Arpios current home.) the M.C.S.O. called the Media to come film the Drug Bust, which was later discovered to be phony, and staged using Marijuana from the M.C.S.O. Evidence lockers?

    Sheriff Arpio seems to be even better with manipulating the Gullanble Media, even being filmed yelling at Women, how Brave of Him.

    Wow Brewer and her Beheading Story?

    When she was called a Racist, and after American Nazi's marching in support of Her SB1070 on of all days Memorial Day! Mrs Brewer was called Hitlers Daughter, She Responded with an all out lie that "This hurt her feelings because her Father died fighting the Nazi's." Just another flat out lie from the Governor by Default.

    America has been built by Immigrants all along, both legal and Not!

    This hard Devoted Labor, and Principles of "Good" is what has made us the Greatest
    Country on Earth!

    White Supremest, and Nazi's had nothing to do with building America, and we should never have to see these Cowards in our Country, much less on the News Memorial day weekend claiming that : "Hitler was a great man" as just occured in Phoenix!

    Mrs Brewer and Sen. Russell Pearce (Former Arpio Deputy.)must be truly proud to be in perfect alignment with both the Supremests that wrote their SB1070, and these Marching SB1070 American Nazi's!
    All of whom are Arpio's Buddy's!
    Arpio has been photographed with them nearly licking his ear.

    To: good and Brotherhood.

  5. IMMIGRATION Reform now~~~!!!


  7. Immigration reform is necessary for the American economy.When millions of undocumanted immigrant become legal resident of this country they will start buying house, cars and invest their saveings to small business and will boost up the economy.

  8. I hope this can be done as soon as possible. American desired the Dems and Reps stay together and make something worth to our country. I hope immigration reform can be passed, because so many immigrants are suffering and working in USA.

  9. Our country was in much better shape before it was flooded with illegal aliens. Your propaganda just doesn't stand up to the facts. Most Americans want their country back. Illegals are unwelcome and uninvited guests that need to stop using our benefits and go home.

  10. Go after employers that hire illegals. Shut down their businesses, and illegal undocumented aliens will peacfully go back home in this case mainly to Mexico. That will free our social wellfare and medical systems as well school systems. Illegals do not pay taxes for education of their kids, do not pay hospital and medical bills, send money to mexico which hurts American economy. The system is not designed to support this many people not paying taxes but using free helthcare and education services. Illegals turn our neighborhoods into mexican slum. First go after employeers, and then deport as many illegals as possible.

  11. The American goverment must decide now whether to pass an Inmigration Reform or deport all the illegal inmigrants to their countries. It is a problem they must face now and get a solution, NOW. They are just ignoring the fact that it is becoming a very serious problem for both illegals and americans. But they have to do it as soon as possible. Why are they not acting? Why are they not making a decision? Is this going to be solved any day soon?

  12. The reform should start with the Constitution. Babies born on US soil from parents that are here illegally should NOT automatically become U.S. citizens. That is why the people come here illegally, Not to become US citizens, not to work but to have their children (many) here to reap all the free benefits - free hosptial care, free education, free before/after school programs, use of all of our services. If you don't have a social security #, how are you paying taxes?. And what ever happend to immigration quotas? Most of the illegals I know are very nice people but unfortunately, all of them work off the books because they have little to no education. Do we want a United States packed with uneduated, poor laborers? Our economy is crumbling and we continue to fork out all of these services paid for by tax payers. Hospitals are closing. Schools are overcrowded, crime is up, jails are full, US citizens of all ages can't find jobs and we continue to allow people to stay here illegally? What is up with that????!!!!!

  13. It seems to me that one of the best ways to expand immigration in a positive way is to open up our eb-5 visa program, to immigrants that have a lot of value to add to our economy.


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