Friday, July 2, 2010

Alex Oil Spill and Gulf Cleanup Efforts Update

Alex affected the oil spill and Gulf of Mexico cleanup efforts, as boats that skimmed oil from the top of the water had to stay at port.  In addition, the rough waters pushed oil back on beaches that had previously been cleaned.

This is only the start of the hurricane season. Many are hoping that BP will be able to stop the oil before another storm system heads through the Gulf, but that could be highly unlikely.

It will be Saturday before cleanup efforts resume. Alex also delayed the installation of a third containment cap over the busted wellhead.  The containment caps aren't catching 100% of the oil

Former President Bill Clinton suggested blowing up the broken well and covering it with lots of debris. This would end the spill once and for all - at least according to him.

Right now the only hope to end the spill is the drilling of two relief wells.  Once the wells are drilled, the broken well is expected to be sealed.

At least hurricane Alex didn't go right through the oil spill region.  Everyone is holding their breath, hoping that no other hurricanes go through the affected area.

The oil spill has created health advisories in beaches all over the Florida panhandle.  In addition, beaches in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana have been affected by the slick.

It could be years before the oil spill is completely cleaned up.  The environment has been impacted, as has the seafood and tourist industries.

Many people are involved in the cleanup efforts.  While they claim that everything was ahead of schedule, bad weather is sure to cause delays.

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