Friday, July 2, 2010

Joran Van Der Sloot 2010: A $1 Million TV Deal?

Could Joran Van der Sloot get $1 million for telling his side of the story? Joran Van der Sloot's 2010 murder charges have brought him back front and center - right where he wants to be.  Pretty much everyone agrees there's something scary about Joran.

He'll tell his side of the story for $1 million.

I don't know why anyone would pay that.  This guy has a reputation for telling a story, then coming back and saying that he didn't mean it.  This is the same Joran Van der Sloot that gave multiple Natalee Holloway confessions - he murdered her, he sold her in to sex slavery, he murdered her - all of his stories never panned out or made sense.

Van der Sloot also wants to stay front and center.  If the world wants to get to this suspected serial killer, the best thing that they can do is...ignore him.  I have an inkling that this would eat him alive.

Joran confessed to the May 30th murder of a young Peruvian woman named Stephany whom he met at a casino.  Her badly beaten dead body was found in his hotel room.

True to form, he's trying to get his confession thrown out, only Peruvian offiicals aren't buying his claims.

Joran's storytelling is catching up with him. He's definitely a scary individual. Whether or not someone is crazy enough to pay him $1 million for his side of the story has yet to be seen. I doubt it will transpire, as his side of the story, in a nutshell, would most likely be "I didn't do it."


  1. Sad excuse for a human being.

  2. Such a deal would likely be supported, even encouraged by Peruvian authorities from prison administrators to the police, and even justice officials, for they stand to make quite a bit of money for “favors” that sloot would obviously want to have. And surely there is a buyer somewhere because sloots endless lies sell newspapers. Its all a disgusting shameless mockery of course, but the man has no scruples and people are endlessly gullible.

  3. Surely, no one will take him on this, an interview that is nothing but a lie. He has had chances to tell the truth and I don't even want that now. I want an end to him, that is the story I want to hear. Please, media hogs - don't give into him.

  4. Please please PLEASE do not buy this twisted monster's story! If he does make a dime off of anything related to the murdered and missing, I feel it should be be held in a trust until all cases are judged and he is sentenced, then it should be divvied to the victims families.

  5. This is really getting ridiculous now. I don’t get it why would ANYONE want to make a MURDER rich, he can buy his way out of jail then and possibly MURDER someone else’s family member next time. Think about it. HES A 2 TIME MURDERRRRRRRRRR a nut case according to his own mothers words, he will do it again given the chance, and they will give him that chance by giving him the money for a bunch of lies. Put the greed of selling a story aside for once and do the right thing. If anything do it for this girl’s family, wasn’t it enough that the Holloway family had to endure what they had to endure and still endure, now it is happening to this girls family. When does it stop, when is enough enough, HAVE A HEART; don’t give in to this bastard’s requests. LOCK HIM UP ALREADY AND THROW AWAY THE KEY.

  6. Civilized society has done what needed to be done, he is behind bars for a long time. Only God can judge him, the Christian thing to do is to not to hate him, but to pray for him. It is hard to do, because we don't know what really happened to Natalee Holloway. Someone (him or the Kalpoe brothers) needs to tell the truth.

  7. Think about this: If Joran tells the truth he will lose his last "ace in the hole" and will be done forever. Therefore, he must tell another lie in order to prevent closure.

    Soon, very soon, some media outfit somewhere will pay him a cool million for his "story" even if it's just another lie. This is not ethically right, but it is good business to invest in Joran. The joke will be on the consumer that pays for what will inevitably be just another lie.

  8. I am Joran, the new dutch boy hoe
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    but the inmate's reply
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    he may wanna sleep on his back
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  9. The country of Chile has to be commended for quickly handing him over to Peruvian authorities. No BS, no red tape, they simply drove him to the border.

    I read somewhere that if JVDS would have crossed into Brazil instead of Chile, that he might have gotten away because Brazil does not extradite people. Whew!, that was a close call.

  10. Who would be stupid enough to pay him $1 million for a story? Each time he needs money, he comes up with a new story and each time the story is just that - a story.

  11. If any media pays any amount of money to Van Der Sloot for anything, every decent person should boycott any and all sponsors of that media permanently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The media only thinks in terms of TV ratings and how many newspapers are sold, and holds no responsibility to the consumers of the products and services who sponsor these news groups.

  12. No news media would be stupid enough to fork over a dime to this punk for another set of lies. And if they did, they might as well file for bankruptcy for they surely would be trashed and boycotted everywhere on this planet

    For that matter, any proceeds Joran might make for telling his story would be seized by the US and Joran would be indicted for murder in Alabama under the international "passive personality jurisdiction" laws.

    And if you think about it, Joran's time to cooperate with the world about Natalee is running out very quickly. Once he's released into general population in Castro Castro and his fellow inmates realize there is a reward for information about Natalee (information that is located in Jorans brain), they will torture him until he tells the truth. The police have interrogated him within the boundaries of the law. His fellow inmates have no rules.

  13. You obviously underestimate the stupidity of news media.

  14. Do people really find him all that fastinating? I don't. I didn't even watch his interviews when Natalee went missing. He's a punk. The only thing I want to read or watch on TV about him is that he's dead. No doubt it will be Greta who does the million dollar interview with him. How pathetic can people be?

  15. Quit pandering to this Jerk Urin Van Der Sloot. The guy is s bottom of the barrel vomit sucking worm.

  16. I know what they will call it when the make the movie...........SLIME DOG MILLIONAIRE......

  17. Any deals made should include the clause ,,you will get money in your account as soon as Natalie's body is on a plane back to the USA,,simple,,why didnt they do that before?

  18. They need to lock him up - throw away the key - and forget he ever existed. I know this would be hard for the Holloway family but he's never going to tell them anything helpful so they may as well go on and pray that somebody somehow stumbles upon the truth for them because he is not gonna tell it anyway. As for this Peru thing, I just hope those folks don't let him get away with what the Arubans let him get away with. As far as I'm concerned this whole thing is the Arubans fault for not locking him up when they had the chance instead of playing his games and setting him free.

  19. Send him to Texas

  20. I'd rather pay someone else a million to get the truth out of him than let this nutjob have it...attention-seeking serial killer, who else have you killed?

  21. But, he's so cute!!! I would totally do him...


  23. let him do or say whatever he wants only this time its from a rat invested hole in the wall...
    lock the door and forget him..he'll never confess to what truly happened because is a first class dirtbag.

  24. Here's an idea: tape an interview, hand him a check for a million dollars, blindfold him, put him in front of a firing squad with the check in his hand....

  25. If someone were so stupid as to give this pond scum, lower than life a million dollars they deserve to be taken when yet he spins more of his lies! Only a moron would do that!

  26. Do your homework. Joran's actions / alleged actions do not meet the definition and profile of a serial killer. Not even close... Even the criminal experts on TV who dislike Joran agree his actions are not that of a "serial" nature.
    Do your research and get your story straight.
    If you do not write an educated article...then it's just opinion and useless- has no value.

  27. This comment is from Mary S.: I think he's always just given the world what it wanted. I don't think he killed Natalee; I don't even think Natalee is dead. And the Peruvian murder is so obviously some kind of set-up. But everyone has labelled him "murderer" and "psychopath", and he's playing along.

  28. I guess that is why he stole Stefany's vehicle...because he was set up and they convinced him to steal it and run for the border...


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