Monday, July 12, 2010

Barefoot Bandit Arrested by Authorities in Bahamas

The "Barefoot Bandit" has been arrested by authorities in Bahamas. The now 19 year old criminal has been arrested after an international crime spree in which he took several airplanes, luxury cars, and boats. He is reported to have started living in the woods at the age of 7, was first arrested for theft at the age of 12 and now at the age of 19 he has finally been apprehended after an international crime spree.

The Barefoot Bandit gets his name from the fact that he commits crimes while barefoot. While he's never had a flying lesson in his life, he has successfully stolen (and crashed) hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of airplanes.

Footprints were found around an airport in Idaho, and also chalk outlines of footprints were found in a grocery store where he is presumed to have committed some of his crimes.

It's even been said that the criminal is almost as smart as Einstein. In addition, the mother of the young bandit also came on a live news broadcast and said that "if" her son stole a plane, she was proud of him because he never had a flight lesson in his life.


Many are overjoyed that the Barefoot Bandit has been apprehended. After all, such a young individual with no training shouldn't be able to elude not only local law enforcement but also international authorities and the FBI. Flying into the Bahamas was probably a great idea in theory, but one that caused the young criminal to be caught.

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