Monday, July 12, 2010

UFO in China Closes Xiaoshan Airport: Chinese UFO Sighting

The UFO sighting in China closed the Xiaoshan Airport.  In China, a UFO sighting closed an airport last week, causing many questions to arise over what the UFO was and why it was in the sky so close to an airport.  There are many theories behind the UFO sighting.

Could it be a military exercise which caused the sighting to occur? Not too long ago, a different UFO sighting in China was said to be nothing more than the leftovers of an American intercontinental missile.  Could that be what was hovering around the Xiaoshan Airport? If so...that would explain why the Chinese and American governments aren't speaking of the UFO in China.

The UFO Could also be some sort of space debris which fell into the atmosphere.  The spotting happened near an airport, so it could have been something that fell off or out of a plane.

Or perhaps the most entertaining possibility - the UFO in China could be extraterrestrials making contact with the earth for the first time.  IF that's the case, that too could explain why the superpowers aren't addressing the case.

If the UFO came from another world, one can't stop but wondering if it is hostile or if it would be friendly.  If hostile, could the extraterrestrials be just what the doctor ordered to bring peace to the world? After all, defending our planet would be something that everyone - from America to Russia and China to the Middle East - would have a vested interest in.

Those who have been looking for a credible UFO spotting are anxious in anticipation, waiting for scientists and world powers to admit the spotting.

They could be waiting a long, long time.

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