Sunday, July 11, 2010

BP Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico Map and Oil Leak 2010 Update

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused by BP and the oil leak map are still things to keep an eye on. Although it's been almost three months since the oil started leaking in the Gulf, things aren't looking any better. In fact, on most days there's more and more bad news to share with the world.

Most of the time, the "good" news is actually bad news that is "justifiable." For instance, marine robots are working to remove the containment cap off the leaking well. This means that millions more gallons of crude will enter the seawater in the next days.

The trade off? There's hope that a new seal will contain 100% of the leaking oil.

While I'd like to believe the claims, this is the type of "news" we have been hearing all along. The spill has worsened with every step taken - even with the best of intentions at hand.

And even if the newest measure DOES completely shut off the flow of oil into the Gulf - we are still a LONG way from the tragedy being over. There's millions of gallons and barrels of oil in the waters right now, and it needs to be cleaned up. The quicker that the oil is cleaned up, the less that the spill will impact our nation's most beautiful beaches.

Cleanup will involve likely everything from burning oil off the surface of the water to using mats made out of hair and nylons to using state of the art oil separation technology from Kevin Costner's company.


  1. I think they have known since soon after the beginning that it would be impossible. They should have never drilled there...infact text book says never ever ever drill there

  2. like it says in the bible the sea shall become blood.the oil is the black blood of the earth.

  3. Live by the bible, die by the bible.

  4. I don't even believe that there is even a cap. I believe we are being deceived by what is placed on television. Even if it was a cap being placed, what about the oil that has caused the surface to swell and start leaking from the cracks of the ocean bed?

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  6. This is a crime against nature, against humanity, against all living creatures in that area and beyond. All those found responsible for this crime should be punished with life in prison.


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