Sunday, July 11, 2010

Georgian/Russian Antisa Khvichava World's Oldest Person/Woman?

Could the Russian/Georgian woman named Antisa Khvichava be the world's oldest person/woman at the age of 130? If Khvichava could prove that she is indeed 130 years old then she could be the record holder. However, 130 years ago records weren't kept the same way they are now, and nowadays proving your age is a little more involved than counting the rings on a tree that your dad planted the day you were born.

However, even though Antisa Khvichava's birth certificate is lost she claims that she has some Soviet documents which prove her age. If this is true, she will de-throne a 114 year old individual and easily slip into the "world's oldest person" slot.

Antisa Khvicahava, the world's oldest woman, worked in fields until she was 85. Staying active is one way that she ensured that she lived a long and prosperous life.

She's lived a hard life. She only speaks a regional dialect of language called Mingrelian. She doesn't speak Russian or Georgian dialects. She has a son who was born when she was 60 and also had two other children that died of hunger during World War II.

She's largely bed ridden, and her hands are cramped up from her long life of knitting, cooking, cleaning, sewing, and picking tea and corn in the fields for work. She's still blessed with a large family and has had a long and interesting life.

I don't know if I want to live to see 130 - unless my mind stays sharp like that of Antisa Khvichava. Then, I don't think I would mind living that long and seeing how the world is almost a century from now.

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