Thursday, July 15, 2010

Captain Phil Harris Deadliest Catch Last Episode Brings Big Ratings

Captain Phil Harris of the Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch" passed away. The dynamic captain of the Cornelia Marie was a big personality on the popular show, which follows around crab fishermen in the Alaskan waters. Captain Phil's last show aired this week, and the ratings and viewership were through the roof, showcasing just how popular the captain is.

The last episode which included Captain Phil brought in a reported 8.5 million viewers - the largest viewership for the Discovery Channel in 10 years. The ratings are usually reasons to celebrate - but it's hard to celebrate the loss of such an important and dynamic person.

Instead of celebrating Phil Harris's last episode, it's important to celebrate his life and all he contributed not only to the series, but also to the career of crab fishing. Awareness of the career and industry wouldn't be as widespread without the "Deadliest Catch" show.

Many viewers - and other show characters - were brought to tears. The show won't be the same without the loudspoken captain.


  1. Ride your harley in the Heaven above! RIP!

  2. you will be missed-the show won't be the same without you Phil.

  3. Dude, you were the best. God Bless you and your family. See you on the other side bro. Your Bud, Glenn

  4. Your loss is is heavy on our hearts, you lived true to your word and won the love and respect of us all.We will see you when our time is here untill then you are in our prayers.

  5. I think one line summed it all up from After the Catch. "Captain Phil wrote the book on cool". I said it since season 1, if I ever had to do there job as a green horn, I would have felt the safest and most comfortable with my life at the hands of Captain Phil. Plus he was a mans man!!! He felt all his crews pain and wasn't just about the all mighty dollar and driving his crew into the ground. Captain Phil you will be greatly missed. Josh good luck replacing a captain such as your dad, but I think your up for the challenge and I know you want let your dad down. Jake, I don't know where you are as for as getting your act together, but hopefully you will be a stand up guy and become a man, such as your dad. Make him proud that's all he expected of you. You've already proved your man enough to handle the work, but can you be man enough to handle life. Good luck guys your have a real big pair boots to fill.

  6. I like to thank Discovery, for bringing such a wonderful show to million of viewers. Thank you to Josh and Jake for sharing their wonderful dad with the world. What a great person he was, a bit rough around the edges,lovable as a teddy bear and a heart of gold. I feel blessed to have watch him over the years, he will be truly missed.

  7. We need now to reflect on what actually contributes to the long term well being of the people of this nation. Banker thieves and corporate barons - or great men like Phil.

  8. You rocked!!! He would want people to remember the good, and it was wonderful how it was handled...the parade!! You just KNOW he was up there dancing with them.....Good luck to the family, for Im sure they will be successful in their endeavors....

  9. After so many weeks of getting to know the brave crabmen of the bering sea watching this last show with Josh calling Jake to say "we lost dad" tore at my heart and I cried like I had lost a member of my own family - because these guys have all become extended family to many they'll never ever meet. Death is just another passage of life and the life of Phil Harris should be celebrated not mourned.

  10. I've watched Captain Phil and The Deadliest Catch since its inception and I feel as if I am grieving the death of a long-time friend. I know we're all just watching TV, but we do connect with these characters and feel for them in a very human way. Thank you, Discovery, for bringing them into our lives and homes and educating us about 'the fisherman's life'.

  11. Phil... been watching you all the way from Namibia (Africa) and you so reminded me of my dad who passed away in 2005...
    Phil... hope you catch lots of big ones in the seas of the skies. Guys like you who lived life to the fullest and enjoyed life will live on in heaven for ever.
    Thanks to Discovery for brining you into our homes and our hearts.
    Ride on Phil... Ride on...

    To Josh and Jake - Sort your shit out and know that you can be very, very proud of your dad. He was a once in a lifetime. They broke the mold after he was made.

    Max Pieper


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