Thursday, July 15, 2010

Robert F. Kennedy Divorce Confirmed

Robert F. Kennedy and his wife are getting divorced. Robert F. Kennedy and his wife, Mary, are calling it quits after 16 years of marriage. This divorce isn't as shocking as the recently announced divorce of Tipper and Al Gore, the former Vice President. Political relationships are known to shatter, and the Kennedy's have had their share of gossip in the rumor mills over the years - even back in the days of JFK.

Mary Kennedy, Robert's estranged wife, was arrested for drunk driving shortly after the divorce was filed. Robert was not present at her arraignment.

The couple has four children ranging in age from 16 to 9. Their children's names are John, Kyra, William, and Aidan. Their ages are 16, 15, 13, and 9.

Like most Kennedy's Robert F Kennedy is successful. He's a prominent attorney and was the nephew of JFK and the late Edward "Teddy" Kennedy. His parents are Ethel and Robert Kennedy.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr wasn't always successful. In 1983 he plead guilty to possession of heroin. He straightened his life up.

There's no reason given for the divorce, although many people are very interested in the divorce filing coming only days before the drunk driving charge. Could Mary have had an alcohol problem? Or is this just another example of how people grow apart over the years?


  1. RFK Jr. needs a better hair colorist.

    Or, better still, he needs to stop coloring his hair.

  2. Mary is blessed to finally be free of this man.

    I understand perfectly why she drank.

    Hope she finds sobriety and happiness again.

  3. good luck Mary, you are well rid of him and his family. now you can stop living a lie!!!! Keep it real, the truth will set you free...

  4. Wow! Another article that allows people to bash the Kennedys, thus continuing the hatchet job done on that family. These are great days....

  5. To all those blaming RFK Jr. for his wife's drinking. I guess you don't know the old saying that an alcoholic will find any excuse to drink. Perhaps that's the reason for the divorce.


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