Sunday, July 11, 2010

Florida Tar Balls Found after BP Oil Spill?

Tar balls in East Florida have been spotted after the BP oil spill. This is bad news because it's actually WEST Florida, not East Florida that has been impacted by the spill. To give you an idea of where Tar Balls have been located in Florida, it's Brevard County.

There's been no guarantee that the tar balls found are actually FROM the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. There is oil in the water at all times, and it's possible that the tar balls found are actually from something else.

People are freaking out and calling places along East Florida inquiring as to whether or not a beach is affected by the oil spill. So far, there has not been confirmation of any beaches affected outside the Gulf region.

Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that the balls - which range in size from a quarter to several inches in diameter - are from an offshore tanker instead of from the oil spill. Everyone is on alert, though.

The tar balls found have been sent off to be tested, and it's possible that results could show that the Gulf oil spill has made its way to East Florida. This would likely indicate that the spill made it somehow into the loop current. This could mean that oil could travel up the eastern seaboard to areas as far away as the Carolinas.

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  1. The Cocoa Beach tar balls were found to be processed oil, not crude, and not from the Gulf. Google it.


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