Thursday, July 22, 2010

Glenn Becck: Going Blind, Defending Shirley Sherrod

Glenn Beck could be going blind, but that doesn't stop him from speaking his mind.  The Fox News talk show host recently opened up to a group of people in Salt Lake City, stating that he is suffering from a disease that could make him go blind within a year...or not.

Still, the talk show host is still giving his two cents on all things political; Glenn Beck has spoke out in support of Shirley Sherrod.

Sherrod is the USDA official who was forced to resign after an edited video clip surfaced online.  A blogger used the clip to showcase that Ms. Sherrod was a racist and had racial biases in her job.  The video was taken out of context, and the White House has, in fact, issued an apology to the official and offered her her job back.

The woman never guessed that she would unite Glenn Beck and the NAACP, but he has spoke out in support of her.  Even though the woman had been told when she was forced to resign that she would be "on Glenn Beck Tonight", she never dreamed he would say "She should not have been fired or forced to resign."  The zany host even went as far as to say she should get her job back, or even be promoted.

Sherrod's side of the story was not given.  Beck. although a little crazy at times, still looks at both sides of every story. In this case, he noted on his show that her side was far more complex than originally talked about.

So there you have it.  Even though Glenn Beck could be going blind, he still saw this issue crystal clear.

Reference: Huffington Post

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