Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jenny Lord Body Found, But Amber White, Norma Lopez Still Missing

Jenna Lord went missing on the Fourth of July weekend. She was last seen on video footage at a train station. It was noted that two men were following close behind her, although it's not certain if these individuals are responsible for her disappearance.

Lord's family took matters into their own hands, orchestrating a search which lead to the discovery of her lifeless body. Police were reluctant to pursue the cash actively because of jurisdiction concerns as well as the fact that Lord had a rocky past which included doing drugs.

Amber White is a missing 12 year old girl from Shreveport, LA who disappeared after attending a neighborhood pool party. She was wearing a Soulja Boy concert and it's noted that she argued with her mom over attending an area concert. Two arrests have been made in connection with the case.

Norma Lopez is a 17 year old girl who went missing. Evidence that she was abducted was found by authorities, as personal effects of the girl were scattered along her typical route home. She was reported as missing after she failed to meet up with some friends and her younger sister.

Missing women and children are always a tragedy. Hopefully White and Lopez will be found soon and be brought back to their families

Reference: CBS Crimesider


  1. What kind lazy cops cant find a body just blocks from where the woman went missing? I'm thinkin someone needs to lay off the donuts, and get to work

  2. Amber white of Shreveport la was found safe and alive this am!

  3. They have to get this monster arrested!! The "Issues" tv show on Headline News channel is calling this a "war on women" and they will have an update on it all tonight on the show. "Issues" is doing a great job covering this!

  4. These technically aren't "Women" they are still children.

  5. Lopez body was identified today :( sad!

  6. its confirm that the body of norma lopez 17 was found yesterday its very sad of how her life ended.....R.I.P NORMA ANGELICA LOPEZ...

  7. Camden City Police worked very hard trying to find Jenna. I happen to know one personally - he spent several hours here and there and then one entire shift speaking to locals, going into abandoned buildings (scary considering what/who he encountered on those searches) looking for this young lady but the locals will NOT tell the cops anything! It also isn't like she was sitting out in the open where anyone could see her. The family spoke with one of the men who was seen on the surveillance video from the train station. He went and got high with this poor lost soul and left her there when she passed out. He was the one who led them to her. He was most likely approached by police as well but use some sense - put yourself in his shoes - would YOU have admitted to the cops that you were the last one to see her alive? Don't hate the cops for this - hate the horrible drug culture and the tragedy it brought upon this family. I pray for them in their time of sadness. God bless CCPD for trying - they were on this case from day one and still hadn't given up until the day she was found.


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