Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kelsey Grammer Tweets Divorce Amid Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Announcement

Kelsey Grammer is best known for his roles in Cheers and Frasier, and he was going to have some more time in the spotlight. However, amid the announcement that his wife, Camille Donatacci Grammer, is going to be featured in Bravo's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" he Tweeted that the two are getting divorced.

So maybe Camille is a "Real X-Housewife of Beverly Hills." 

Sorry. I couldn't resist. I don't understand how a divorcee can be included in a show that's about Housewives because of the "wife" part.

While I'm on this soapbox, I'm also having a hard time trying to wrap my head around why it's necessary to have "Housewives" in each and every city in the US.  Orange County, New York, and Atlanta made sense...but now there's New Jersey, DC, and Beverly Hills.

I am waiting for Las Vegas, Seattle, Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Miami, get the picture...

All housewives gossip aside, the rumor mills are painting Dr. Frasier Crane in a bad light, claiming that he didn't even make any efforts to speak with his children on Father's Day. Whether or not that is true hasn't been confirmed or denied 

Grammer was in New York City at the time, performing on Broadway while she stayed behind taking care of the kids.  Perhaps because he knew that the camera crews for Bravo were coming and he didn't want to be part of the insanity.

Is it all that surprising that the two are getting divorced? Have you ever heard of an East-Coast West Coast relationship that has held up the test of time?

So Kelsey Grammer meets the ranks of Al Gore and Tiger Woods as a new divorcee...


  1. Thanks to all the Real Housewives fans the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MAIN STREET is a hit!

    Down to only 12 left. (New ones to come)

    Come see THE COUNTESS and LuAnn!

  2. The announcement his wife is to be on the semi-reality show has been out for months. No correlation with the divorce. Those involved with the show informed us that Kelsey was the driving force behind his wife accepting the role,"He wanted it more than she did, he's the one who landed her the role". She wanted out prior to the start of filming and he convinced her to stay on the show. The question at hand now is - What type of man would want to subject his wife to the drama involved in one of these programs? Certainly not the nice caring warm hearted individual bearing high moral standards that he alleges to personify! Several more likely scenarios are as follows:
    1. A method of keeping his wife otherwise occupied so that he could gallivant around in NYC, shunning all family responsibilities.
    2. To set his wife up for embarrassment and public attacks which comes with the territory of being part of that type of show. A good strategy for one planning a divorce in the near future perhaps.....
    3. A marketing plan to promote his Broadway musical, since the Bravo cameras were reportedly filming in NYC outside and around the Longacre Theater, one could only assume Kelsey's role on the reality show. As was reported the cameras were rolling on the day of the premier. He fully knowing set his wife up for all the abuse for the free advertising, the epitome of deceit. Keep in mind the show started filming prior to the play's premier, after two bombs on the tube, the success of the show was no guarantee....
    Poor Kelsey a desperate soul willing to forsake all others to revitalize his flagging career. Further proof that he's a card carrying member of Hollywood's Fraternal Morons of Arrogance. Bravo Kelsey for showing the world your true colors! Keep up the good work Neo-con!!!

  3. She now has income and show's earning ability which reduces his spousal support payments. Good for him and smart move.

  4. Nice Post you should of used your name or at least your maiden name instead of Anonymous to bad it's NOT the truth!

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