Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Cup 2010 Quarterfinal Results and Bracket Updates

The World Cup 2010 tournament continues, and the quarterfinal results are pouring in.  The tournament is coming in to its last days, and the quarterfinals bring us eight teams that are trying to make it to the semi finals.  When the tournament started, there were 32 teams.  Slowly, many - the US included - have been eliminated.

Today's matches brought us one in particular that was won because of penalty kicks.  Uruguay won over Ghana 4:2 simply because of penalty kicks.  The two teams had a 1:1 tie ... meaning that it was anyone's game.  These are shocking results that left many in awe as the only African team that went into the final rounds is now out of the running.

Perhaps the most shocking thing that happened in the World Cup quarterfinals is Brazil getting knocked out by the Netherlands.  The Dutch beat the #1 seeded Brazil 2:1 during their match.

This means that everyone's expectations of a match between Brazil and Spain in the finals just isn't going to happen.

Are we really all that surprised that Brazil is out of the game? After their lackadaisical performance when they played North Korea, many knew that this wasn't the team that would win the World Cup in 2010.  Too many other teams WANT the honor.  The Brazilian team kind of took it for granted that they were among the best there.

The world cup quarter finals continue today.  After the quarter final are over, we move to the semi-final rounds  It's hard to believe that this month long even is almost over! Then, it's getting ready for Rio de Janeiro that will matter to these teams.

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