Friday, July 9, 2010

Kyron Horman Missing Case News - Kaine Horman Opens Up

Kyron Horman, the missing 7 year old, has been missing over a month. Kaine Horman, his father, has been beside himself ever since Kyron failed to get off the bus that would bring him home from school on June 4th. Kaine's second wife and mother of his 18 month old daughter Kiara, Terri, was the last to see Kyron before he went missing.

The plot thickened recently when details released by authorities indicate that Terri Moulton Horman allegedly tried to hire a landscaper to kill her husband. After Kaine was made aware of the situation by authorities, he filed for divorce from Terri and moved away with their young daughter in tow.

The Oregonian wrote a feature on when Kaine started to notice the marriage to his daughter's mother deteriorating. He claims that it was after the birth of their daughter he noticed things starting to change.

Both Kaine and his ex Desiree Young felt that Terri was involved in their son's disappearance and have been frustrated that the woman hasn't helped authorities locate their missing son.

Kaine notes that his son is #1 priority, and his daughter #2 after moving out. A hearing on July 22 may place Kaine and Kiara back in their home and force Terri to move out.

Many believe that Terri Horman is involved in the boy's disappearance. The motive is questionable, after all - she raised Kyron for seven years. What could cause her to be involved? Does she have post partum depression? Does she want to get him "out of the way" so that the focus would be on her child? (If so, a simple call to Desiree Young could have done the trick - she would have welcomed her boy back with open arms.)

Many questions are unanswered and the biggest, and most important remains - where is Kyron Horman? We need to find him soon.

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