Friday, July 9, 2010

BP Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico Could be Stopped by Month's End

The BP oil spill in Gulf of Mexico devastation could be done by month's end, if new reports that are surfacing are true.  The BP spill has been raging on since shortly after the April 20th Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion.  Millions of barrels of crude have been released into the pristine waters of the Gulf, leaving miles of beaches tainted by tar balls and oil mousse.

BP has been working, some say tirelessly others say not so tirelessly, to stop the oil spill.  So far, even though they are containing at least a portion of the spill there's been no successful attemt


  1. I have for weeks before the Gulf hurricane season urged our government and the media to hire our own super-tankers, encircle the well at a safe radius (10-15 miles) and pump surface oil onboard to be processed. We must have tanker capacity sufficient to keep up with the flow rate until the well is secured. New Orleans is a deep water port. Now after 80 days does this super skimmer on site really need to be "tested" for the quality of its discharge water? I can tell you now it will not be potable drinking quality. Stop wasting valuable time and put this boat to work. The EPA and other agencies are delaying again because they are in bed with BP. A Whale has completed it's testing off the Pourtugese Coast. BP just does not want to pay for it's use quite yet. When this gusher began the Obama administration refused help from 10 other countries with super tankers. If our response had been immediate the damage to our beaches and wildlife would be minimal.

    The ex-president of Shell Oil suggested this a month ago on CNN but was apparently ignored. The Saudis used super tankers and retrieved 80% of their surface oil. They also knew that the use of dispersants would render the oil unretrievable, nor did they discuss it for 2 months. BP is still using dispersants. The myriad of US agencies involved in this disaster are directionless.......they get in each other's way while dolphins and precious turtles die.

    The Coast Guard could coordinate the super tanker operations instead of counting life jackets. Get the oil off the water now and stop measuring it, discussing it, flying over it, testing, or should we wait for another tropical storm in the Gulf, Sir? The reason the oil is washing ashore is because the tides scatter the rising oil at about 3 mph. By the time the crude surfaces it is far out of sight. The skimmer boats at the well site are useless except at slack tide and are there so BP can claim they are there. They should operate as close to shore as possible to protect the beaches and marshes. Residents hardly ever see them close in...just oil.

    As for our president, I suggest that you deal with this mess Mr. Obama before we ruin an ocean. History will judge this disaster as your legacy because of your failure to act. You are a mere observer motivated by politics. The White House comment line in 202-456-1111 but no one is listening.

  2. Unfortunately, as I read it the company supplying the dispersant has links to the power brokers in this debacle and so that's why it is used. I also believe that this dispersant is quite toxic so Lord knows why use it even if the company selling it is your friend!The most cynical view is that this stuff needs to be sold off quick because it is being overtaken by 'greener' products.


    Obama is not doing his job, BP is not doing its job. It's time we ALL asked for outside help in this disaster. We have Russia offering to help but it looks like Obama is ignoring them too. What do we the people have to do to get this mess cleaned up, obviously our own government doesn't care. We have had many other countries step up to the plate and offer help and each time our own government has found a way to shoot down their efforts. It as an "obamanation" against America.


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