Saturday, July 10, 2010

Russian Spy Swap 2010 Deal Puzzles Americans

The Russian spy swap deal is making many Americans scratch their heads. After all, the Cold War has been over for many years. Granted the spy case wouldn't be as high profile as it was had there not been a spicy redhead who was caught and her FaceBook pictures paraded around the press. Still - releasing 10 alleged Russian spies instead of keeping them jailed just doesn't make sense.

Why doesn't it make sense? Russia got 10 alleged spies where the US received four. The US wanted back four individuals that were accused of spying on Russia for the US and Great Britain.

Seems like it would be four for four, or ten for ten - something even keel. However, for some reason or another, the US was willing to give up more for less.

One can't help but wonder what the four alleged American/British spies know. We obviously want them back pretty bad. Some even ventured to suggest that the arrest of the 10 alleged Russian spies was orchestrated in an effort to get the four captured American spies in Russia back.

This is the first spy swap since the Cold War ended, and many wonder if this indicates that there could be a second Cold War underway.

Watching the political tensions between the US and Russia will become more crucial - this Russian spy case is the perfect example of this. Still, many Americans are puzzled why this trade was orchestrated and hopefully there will be some indication that will make it all make sense.


  1. Or, alternatively, the US wanted to make this go away, and in the interests of furthering US-Russian Relations decided that this wasn't about a scoreboard. They made their point.

    Also, since there is no indication of espionage, from the US side (while there is for some of the returned Russians), in some ways the Russians the US is getting are more valuable, both in terms of data they have, as well as legally.

  2. you call yourself a columnist?


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