Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sarah Palin: Refudiate, New Political Language

Sarah Palin never fails to amuse the masses. Her newest political term is "refudiate" which ... isn't a word at all. This term was coined when Palin Tweeted that "peaceful Muslims" should "refudiate" the mosque being built by ground zero in New York City.

The Tweet was deleted and replaced with a more politically correct version, in which the former Vice Presidential Hopeful, Fox News correspondent, and Former Alaskan Governor said that "Peaceful New Yorkers" should "refute" said mosque.

Palin didn't let the ridicule of her ... ridiculous...Tweet get her down. She issued another Tweet in which she compared herself to Shakespeare, who liked to coin new words. Of course, Shakespeare was a wordsmith and Palin is a politician... there's a lot that's different there.

I'm still trying to figure out what "refudiate" means. Does it mean that they should go against the new mosque...or does it mean they should be for it? I mean...if it's a new word couldn't the definition go either way?

Whether you love or hate Sarah Palin, it's refreshing to see some less than traditional politicians. Between Sarah Palin, the Tea Party movement, and more - the face of American politics is starting to change (hopefully for the better.)

Reference: Washington Post


  1. She's so funny. I feel smarter everyday I listen to her. She Inspires many people to get a "good" education. Thanks Sarah.

  2. Right now Sarah is concerned about one thing. Sarah Palin (R) and by that I don't mean Republican. I mean (R) registered trademark. She has a brand to build and a job to do. She is going to do what it takes to excite her base and attract more attention. Mama Grizzlies!!! But seriously, Sarah is turning out to be the most influential woman politicians in American History. Now if you were to take an objective look at Palin's record you'd see how she has positioned herself to be on the 2012 ticket, check the story out


  3. Reminds one of Pres Obama saying a Navy Corpse Man, which was worse than Palin making up a word.

  4. dont we all just love her-what would they world be like without sahar palin.most politicians are dull but sarah will brighten the day with just one word-what can i say why shouldnt we refudiate-atleast its in sarah palins vocab.someone had to make up new words nd are we glad its her


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