Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shirley Sherrod Racism: Blogger Caused “Forced Resignation” of USDA Official?

Shirley Sherrod racism allegations and comments she made at an NAACP speech are a controversy that is burning up the media – especially across Fox News live coverage. Sherrod held a high position with the USDA and was forced to resign after a conservative blogger highlighted some of her comments in a post.

MSNBC reports that the target of the blog post wasn’t Shirley Sherrod. Instead, it was the NAACP. The NAACP and the Tea Party movement have been going back and forth over the race issue in recent weeks.

Sherrod, a USDA official, said in the video clip that she was previously in a position to help a white farmer save his land, but failed to act to her full capacity because he acted as her superior.

Perhaps it’s not that the comment or attitude was racist – perhaps it’s the indication that such biases could be present in the government was the reason for her so called “forced resignation.”

Such attitudes shouldn’t be tolerated no matter what racial bias that it has in the government, as every citizen should have equal access to all services - and to the best service possible.

Still yet, the stench is huge and the conspiracy is growing. Were her comments racist, or not, and are the conservative blogger’s claims that his target was the NAACP true or did he too add to the situation by targeting this particular official?

This is going to be talked about for days.

Reference: MSNBC

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