Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shirley Sherrod USDA: "You are Going to be on Glenn Beck Tonight"

"You are going to be on Glenn Beck tonight" are the words that Shirley Sherrod heard when she was asked to resign from her post at the USDA after a clip of a speech she gave popped up on Andrew Breitbart's blog. The clip made it appear as if the government official had racial biases that kept her from doing her job to the best of her abilities.

The clip was taken out of context, and Sherrod was not allowed to give her side of the story before conclusions were drawn. The end result is a mess that will be talked about for the weeks to come...especially on Fox News.

It's interesting that the government would want someone to resign because there's a fear that Glenn Beck is going to talk about them. This is a prime example of the back-and-forth going on between the news agency and the current Administration.

Glenn Beck pointed out that Sherrod was told that she would be on his show the 19th when she was forced to resign. In all actuality, Beck took HER side of the story once it broke on the network, claiming that people should have access to the full transcript of her speech and that she should be given a fair chance to explain herself.

For some reason or another, the Administration doesn't want their officials talked about on Fox News. Why is that? What do you think?

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  1. The administration doesn't want anything to do with Fox News because Fox News has a history of quote mining, heavy editing, and the most blatantly biased approach to news reporting in the business. No member of the Obama administration will ever be portrayed fairly regardless of message.


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