Sunday, July 25, 2010

Unemployment Benefit Extension Checks: Available? July 2010, Maybe

Unemployment benefit extension checks could become available in July of 2010 for some states.  For instance, the state of Michigan has said that they will have the checks out in their state in about two weeks, as they have amped up their employee base to combat the sudden onslaught of paperwork they will receive in the wake of the benefits extension.

For some states, the wait could be much longer.  It all depends on the agencies that are going through the paperwork, certifying that those who have filed for benefits are, indeed, eligible to receive them.

HR4213 passed, finally, after a GOP lead filibuster was broken last week.  Now, the focus is on getting retroactive benefit checks to those whose benefits lapsed.  Then, the focus will be on trying to pass legislation that will allow those who have exhausted all 99 weeks of benefits available to have access to a longer lifeline.

A Tier 5 unemployment extension is the only way that some American families will stay out of poverty. Such legislation hasn't been suggested officially, but many are hoping that a measure will be brought up for politicians to review.

Of course, funding such a bill would be difficult. Given that the benefits extension bill was hard to pass at $34 billion, figuring out how to fund a new level of checks would be a challenge.


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  2. To everyone that is on unemployment and is responding to these blogs. I just contacted my unemployment agency and ask what do I do now that the president has signed the extension. They said it won’t go into affect for at least 2 to 4 weeks. So that is more time families go without because the GOP wanted to play politics with our lives. So we can sit in front of our computers and complain. That might make you feel a little better to let off some steam but the Senators that are blocking the extension benefit bill are not reading these blogs. They don’t care. What we can do is take action. Start calling every Senator that blocked this bill for two months. Most of these guys that opposed the bill are millionaires, so you can see why they don’t care. To find your Senators contact info go to Once you get their DC office number and fax number blast their phones with calls everyday. Some of them are saying unemployment benefits is just an incentive to not look for work and have even said we were lazy. So call and call and call.

    To anyone that believes we are sitting on our butts and not looking; let me tell you what is going on. Two major things.

    1) When companies were forced to lay off workers their goals didn’t change they were still in business to make a profit and if they had share holders they still had their yearly projection that was promised to the share holders. So what they did is just made the people they kept work harder and longer. Maybe had some people that were in management get back to physical work instead of just supervising. So if they hit their goals with less workers there is no incentive to rehire until their goals are too high their current work staff can’t reach it. So less labor and hitting quarterly goals creates larger profits.
    2) I been in management most of my life and wither you are a manager of a small business or a big enough business that you have a Human Resource manager. Hiring can be very stressful. They are looking for a person that will be right for the company and stay and help the company succeed for a long time. So when they are looking at applications and interviewing people they have those criteria’s in mind plus they have a pay scale in mind. So they are not going to hire someone that was making $90,000.00 for a $45,000.00 a year job . Why? It is not just because they might be over qualified; it is will this person stay with us for the long term? or until a better paying job comes up. Yes, during the interview most applicants will say they are looking for anything right now and will be a loyal employee. The interviewer knows that as soon as that person gets called back to their old job or is offered a higher paying job they will leave 99.9% of the time. So part of there job of hiring is to find a person for the job that will stay and keep turn over down. That means be very careful who you hire because every person you hire cost a company around $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 in training. ½ of that amount on the new hire and the other half for the person spending time training the new hire, plus the hours of paperwork done when there is a new hire. So every time you lose that hired person the company takes a loss. By the way high turnover is #1 on the list of losing your job as a manager or HR manager.

    This doesn’t stop us from looking but just shows the reasons why we are not getting call backs from resumes or applications. It is just the facts, a SUBWAY owner isn’t going to hire a person that was making $50,000.00 a year and train them when they can hire a person that has worked in that field or prior work history pay scale is close to what he is offering. He just can’t waste time with turnover.

    Lets not forget the 99ers – Also don’t forget who caused the delay in the extensions vote them out!

  3. Hmmmm, the Missouri website stated, "1 to 5 weeks depending on the complexity of the claim". I was told to wait for a letter in the mail, and it would instruct me how to, so I have to reapply?

    So...I guess their going to make this difficult, go figure...

  4. Anywhere between 1 to 5 weeks. 1 in an easy case scenario, 5 meaning the complexity of the claim. So for those individuals who exhausted any time between June 2nd to date, if they continue to file their claim, those should be somewhat easy to take care of and start processing those claims and paying those benefits back to that date. Some of those folks who did not continue to claim their weekly benefits after they exhausted, are going to have backdate their claim.

    The legislation does not actually ‘extend’ unemployment benefits, as the federal government has done four times during the last two years. People still won’t be able to get benefits any further than the previous 99 week limit, it just allows them to continue to move up through the ‘4-tier’ extension system the government has set up.

    This does not open up another tier, it just opens up another door for the individuals who have exhausted or will exhaust from here to Nov. 30th to partake in additional benefits that have already been provided by previous federal legislation.

    Continue filing your weekly certification claim. If you have not, the unemployment will work with you. They will be sending them an informational letter with instructions on how to apply. Look for that in the mail...

  5. Hey Anonymous what the hell is the difference between you and a 99er?You both are in the same boat!They just got fired first.I know a 99er the company went bankrupt and that hole field just fell apart.But then again your a manager you blame everyone but yourself!!!!


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