Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tampa Sinkhole Swallows Car and Causes Chaos

Move over Guatemala, there's a sinkhole in Tampa.  The so-called Tampa sinkhole is causing quite the ruckus in the city.  The sinkhole in Tampa is said to have swallowed a parked car, and is threatening the safety of families who live in a 12 unit condo complex.

The Tampa sinkhole is 20 feet wide and several feet deep and emergency officials say it could keep growing.  As a safety precaution, officials have evacuated a 12 unit condo complex so that people don't end up getting killed by the sinkhole.

Another notable sinkhole that opened up this year was one in Guatemala after a tropical storm.  The Guatemala sinkhole swallowed a clothing factory whole, without any sight left of the factory.  Amazingly, no one was killed.  That sinkhole is said to have been caused mainly by a faulty sewer line and a foundation made of mostly volcanic ash.

Florida is prone to sinkholes, as it is a very damp atmosphere and a very soft foundation.  However, sinkholes like the Tampa sinkhole aren't something that happens every day.

For the most part, heavy rains are blamed for the popping up of sinkholes.  If there isn't heavy rain, there's usually not anything that washes the foundation away.

There's no word on when the people will be able to get back in their condos. We imagine that people will kind of be scared to for a while until it's absolutely certain that the building won't be swallowed by the sinkhole in Tampa.


  1. WHAT DID DOLLER DAN DO WITH THE CEMENT???????? oh, rose will fix it she allways looking for something to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!when the sun is not shining

  2. These dang holes all of a sudden appearing everywhere isn't worrying anyone but me?

    Scary as hell to me!


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