Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Undersea Volcano Found in Indonesia

An undersea volcano has been discovered in Indonesia.  Such discoveries are always a breakthrough.  The underwater volcano is said to be larger than two or three mountains found in the country.  It is 10,000 feet above the sea floor, but still remains hidden from sight.

American and Indonesian scientists were studying ecosystems using robots and radar when the discovery was made. This undersea volcano is larger than all but three or four mountains that are found in the Island community.

These types of findings are always welcomed, and are very exciting.  The more that people can understand about marine ecosystems, the better we can preserve the oceans and the world. It will also be an exciting thing for all the researchers involved in the discovery - after all, how often are these types of discoveries made?

Given all the seismic activity during the current year, scientists will need to keep an eye on the underwater volcano.  If it goes off, it could spawn tsunamis or even earthquakes. 

The Chief US Scientist, Jim Holden said the following of the research: "This is a huge undersea volcano, taller than all but three or four mountains in Indonesia.  The more we understand these undersea features and the communities of life they support, the better we can manage and protect the ocean and its resources."

Are you excited about the undersea volcano found in Indonesia? 

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