Friday, July 2, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse Already Grosses Millions

The Twilight Saga:Eclipse is already a worldwide phenomenon.  The popular series, which features a love story between a girl and a mysterious vampire has taken the world by storm.  In fact, there's hardly a country you can go to that you won't get asked if you are Team Edward or Team Jacob.

The Eclipse movie opened up on June 30th in the United States.  This, of course, is a great thing for Twilight fans. The movie had the largest grossing opening day for a movie which opened on a Wednesday, raking in a cool $68.5 million USD.

The movie is set up to be a total success.  The Twilight buzz just won't die down, and we think that the series is the perfect length - it's not too short, not too long.

After Eclipse, there's one book left in the series - Breaking Dawn.  However, Summit Entertainment is breaking up breaking dawn into two sections.

The series will have five parts - that's not too much where people get bored, and it's just enough to satisfy.

Don't think anyone can get enough of one series? Look at Harry Potter.  When the movies first came out, they were all the rage. It's all you heard about it - but now the fan base and the buzz has just sort of ... dwindled.

The reviews of Twilight:Eclipse will be rave - no doubt about it.  But what speaks louder than the reviews ever will is the money that is brought in at the box office.


  1. The Harry Potter fan base is stronger than ever. The HP fans manged to kept the latest movie trailer trending on twitter for 4 straight days, while the Twilight fans couldn't even if the fame of Eclipse was at its peak.

  2. Who is Harry Potter? Does he garden? I need some landscaping done in my yard.


  3. I dont see why everyone needs to compare the two they are just different and both equally great I am a huge fan of both and there is no need for fighting it will all be OK

  4. In my option twilight is just the right length but @ the end for twilight obsessed like me we will always crave more!! Harry Potter will never b as strong as it was when it first came out,its not possible..

  5. That.Freaking.Movie.Was.Awesome!

  6. Harry Potter books and Twilight saga books are totally different, Both great in their own right.
    I saw Eclipse this morning and its great!

  7. It should be specified that the "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" movie was the largest single day opening for a movie on Wednesday domestically. The true technically for the Wednesday record holder is "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" which gathered 104 million world wide.
    The statement that the fan-base and buzz dwindled is also completely false. The fact that "Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince," the sixth movie, gained more money ($933,959,197) than the second (408,773,703) and first (709,711,008) Twilight films demonstrates the Harry Potter fan-bases staying power. Further no twilight movie has surpassed a Harry Potter movie in the box office.
    Eclipse, while breaking some records, is still behind "Twilight Saga:New Moon" in terms of its box office receptions which may show that ITS fan-base is in fact dwindling. It also holds the steepest drop in sales in history. This inevitably means that it may never pass a Harry Potter movie.
    In term of the buzz, the only reason that twilight is shown everywhere is because the movies have been released so close together in which Summit has released two twilight movies in the time span that Harry Potter only released 1 which also further reinforces its staying power.
    Overall, Harry Potter destroys Twilight in every aspect possible :).

  8. This movie was awful. I am a twilight fan, and it failed to meet my expectations. It was boring, with no suspense or interest, there was little to no music, making it extremly boring to watch. They also mashed together all the bad parts of the book, it seems, just for the sake of putting them in there.
    Twilight will never overcome Harry Potter, the newly realease harry potter trailer is better than all the twilight movies combined.

  9. I saw Eclipse opening day and I believe it is the best twilight film yet! I have read all the books in the series and I think David Slade did a wonderful job and I am very impressed. To be honest I could care less about what film-critics say....they have their opinions and I have mine...I respect their opinions but I don't believe that just because they are film-critics that they can/or should in anyway influence the opinions of viewers. Now about the Twilight vs. Harry Potter.....I don't believe these two amazing series should be pinned against each other. They both have their positives and negatives and I think we should just respect that both series are very important to their fans and that’s all that matters. Finally I would like to give props to the actors/actresses in this movie they all did a wonderful job and a thank you to David Slade for bringing my favorite book in the series to a new high! Overall I would give this movie 4 stars but that’s just my opinion....<3 <3


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