Tuesday, July 27, 2010

VIDEO: Howard Dean - Fox News "Racist" in Susan Sherrod Coverage

Howard Dean thinks that Fox News acted with Racial Bias during the Shirley Sherrod coverage.  Sherrod is the USDA official who was forced to resign after conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart featured a clip of her speaking with an NAACP crowd.

In the clip, the former government official notes that she didn't give a white farmer the full service she was capable of because he was white.  The clip was grossly misleading and failed to show the rest of the speech which indicates that Sherrod used the incident to grow as a person and stop acting with racial biases.

Shirley Sherrod was not given the opportunity to explain herself, and to the surprise of many Fox News host Glenn Beck actually took the USDA official's side in the controversy, even though he is not a fan of the NAACP.

Dean says the following regarding Fox News's coverage of this event, saying "They took a -- they had an obligation to find out what was really in the clip. They had -- they had been pushing a theme of black racism with this phony Black Panther crap and this business and Sotomayor and all this other stuff. You -- I think you've got to be very -- I think the -- look the Tea Party called out their racist fringe, and I think the Republican Party's got to stop appealing to its racist fringe. And Fox News is what did that."

Dean failed to note that Fox News didn't even mention the scandal until after Sherrod had been forced to resign.   What do you think about his comments? Was he spot-on or is this just another example of another politician who has it out for Fox News?

Reference: Washington Post

Here is the video clip of Howard Dean speaking about the Shirley Sherrod case:

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