Monday, July 5, 2010

World Cup 2010 Live Soccer Schedule and Brackets

World Cup live soccer continues as the 2010 tournament is nearing completion.  This year's World Cup was unique in that it is the first time that the African continent was able to host the event.  South Africa is the place, and June 11 thru July 11 are the dates.

32 teams started the tournament, and now only 8 remain. The United States has been out of the running, but the hype surrounding the tournament has not died down.

Perhaps the most shocking upset of the 2010 World Cup was Brazil being eliminated before the final round.  Brazil was #1 in the FIFA rankings and was favored to win this year's tournament.  The championship match was estimated to be between Brazil and Spain - the #1 and #2 ranked teams per the FIFA rankings.

The Semi-final rounds take place this week as there are only three matches left in the entire tournament.  Tomorrow, the Netherlands will take on Uruguay.

The Dutch team was responsible for taking out Brazil.  The Netherlands and Uruguay will meet tomorrow at 2:30 PM EDT. 

The next semi-final game will be between Germany and Spain on Wednesday at 2:30 PM EDT.  The winners of each of these games will go on to the championship match where the World Cup 2010 winner will be crowned. 

If we had to make predictions, we'd venture to say that the Netherlands and Spain will meet up during the finals.  Of course at this point Spain is favored to win as they are the highest ranked team, but as we saw with the Netherlands-Brazil game there could be an upset along the way. 

With only four teams left in the bracket, there's a 25% chance of winning for each team.  We are down to the wire, folks with not much left go go.

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