Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2010 Alaska Primary Election Results

Alaska primary election results 2010 are pouring in.  Incumbent Republican Sean Parnell made a bid for re-election and has won 49% of the votes over challengers Bill Walker and Ralph Samuels, who walked away with 34% and 14%, respectively. Ethan Berkowitwz won the democratic primary against Hollis French 56% to 44%.

Uncertainty remains within the Alaska Senate primary.  Democrat Scott McAdams won over Jacob Set Kern and Frank Vondersaar.  Incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski could be the recipient of some incumbent angst, as it appears that Joe Miller is going to be successful in his bid against her.  He currently holds a slight lead. 

38 year veteran and incumbent Republican Don Young won the “at large” district nomination, and will fight against Harry Crawford in the democratic party.

This is a hot state, as it is the state where Sarah Palin used to be governor.  Palin stepped down after an unsuccessful bid to become Vice President of the United States alongside John McCain in 2008.

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