Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A 99er Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Debate Continues Amid Primary Elections

All 99ers are trying to ensure that a Tier 5 unemployment extension is on the agenda of candidates for office.  The unemployment extension tier 5 movement continues in the wake of primary elections.  The debate will continue all the way until the mid-term elections and beyond.

With only a couple of months before the final votes will be cast, keeping an eye on who is for and against the Tier 5 extension is of utmost importance.

Right now, the GOP will likely stalemate efforts to pass the bill that has been proposed by Debbie Stabenow, unless it pays for itself in some miraculous way.

The Senate won’t even be back in Washington to discuss the bill until at least September 13, and it’s unlikely that it’s the first thing on their agenda.

Only candidates worried about safeguarding the American people should be voted in to office.  With unemployment extensions at an all time high, you have to ask yourself if someone against the extension is really for the people.

Although primaries in areas such as Alaska wrapped up, there’s still opportunities to vote. This election is crucial to ensure the Tier 5 extension will be passed.


  1. Lets have another extension for the 99ers. We will "pay" for it by letting the budget-killing Bush tax cuts expire.

  2. Lets end the minimum wage law. The unemployment rate will go way down. You may make a little less than you would like starting out but it will give you a chance to prove to your employer that you are not a lazy bum.

  3. To all the candidates, give me a job or an extension if you want my vote. It's as simple as 123.

  4. nobody wants to be the bad guy that hurts the american the jobless claims just reached an all-time high in U.S. history....with those 2 factors anyone against this will not only lose the primaries....they might be be taken out to be hanged......

  5. Our leaders need to be bold and quit wasting energy and time debating the "need" to reassure our great nation and it's citizens that we will all be brought through this crisis and go forward !

    The "political game playing" is on everyone's last nerve !

  6. The solution to this economic mess is simple. End all government welfare and entitlement programs. End the minimum wage law. Increase police patrols to combat theft and crime. Set up more tent city jails (like Sheriff Joe) to house the people who turn to crime when their entitlement programs are cutoff. Have our military go on the offense against anyone that shows a hint of aggression to us. Prosperity will follow guaranteed.

  7. Three months ago Stabenow said the senate was only looking at a jobs bill for the 99ers. The extra weeks extension will go bye-bye in order to attract the blue dog democrats and the 2 republicans and then the jobs part of the bill will pass.

  8. wow slap a communist, your starting to sound like Iran. First off kill Busch tax cuts that will pay for unemployment. And secondly The supreme court should fine major corporations for sitting on money and not using it for hiring, I mean what's the purpose of bailing out these companies if there not going to do what is expected. And third we need to spread the word and vote democrat. I know both parties are garbage at this point, but what would you rather have? A party thats for the companies and rich or a party willing to give you a tier 5 to survive? You choose.

  9. "Slap a troll" ..Sure, build more jails and jail the unemployed, It's not like prisons are costing tax payers or are overcrowded NOW.. that's the answer. You first, fascist. Who pays for your internment camps, more taxes laid on the unemployed or wealthy ? You're stupid and you'd be the first in line for state aid, entitlement troll.

  10. Only candidates worried about safeguarding the American people should be voted in to office. With unemployment extensions at an all time high, you have to ask yourself if someone against the extension is really for the people.

    this is such a true Statement. Thank you for stating this.

  11. Instead of fighting with the republican rejects they should just add the weeks to tier 4

    Bob Pinto

  12. Say good bye to your real estate investments. Prices will be dropping like stones. Sold home last year and now waiting for prices to drop by 50% then pay cash for another one. Who cares about interest rates? The new home buyers are not going for the same old know interest deduction and low interest rates....who cares about that bologna. ITS OVER!!!!

  13. All 99ers need the help with this bill being a "necessity" not luxury just to live. How anyone can't see this is "hard to imagine" Pass the bill "asap" If not this country will be even more trouble. It's a sad situation when someone for whatever reason needs help.....and there is none. Shame on the government.

  14. CAN YOU SAY IDIOT?!!!!

    "SLAP A COMMUNIST said...
    The solution to this economic mess is simple. End all government welfare and entitlement programs. End the minimum wage law. Increase police patrols to combat theft and crime. Set up more tent city jails (like Sheriff Joe) to house the people who turn to crime when their entitlement programs are cutoff. Have our military go on the offense against anyone that shows a hint of aggression to us. Prosperity will follow guaranteed."

    #1 Unemployment is insurance NOT welfare or a bailout (like we've given the rich).

    #2 End minimum wage (which is still not enough to live on), and lets employ a huge number of our population in slave-wage labor jobs like Chinese and Mexican workers while the corporations who have loopholes to avoid paying taxes get richer.

    #3 And you want martial law? More government control? What are you NUTS????!!!!!!!

    People ARE entitled to long-term unemployment insurance benefits when there are NO jobs. The government has spent the money put into this insurance for years, and there should be plenty. Instead lets stop spending money on unjustified wars and stop giving tax refunds to the rich who get out of paying most of their taxes anyways due to policies made by and for the rich. It is just common sense, if people do not receive more unemployment, they will lose their homes, cars, and health insurance, home values will drop more for all of us, they will be unable to go to training or jobs, and will move permanently onto government assistance which will cost us ALL more in the long run.

  15. its not on it way , break out the paper towles so when we get raped by the piticians elect we can clean up the mess . I have been unemplloyed and the peole that rep. us dont care ! except I get response letters for donation . I use those notes to pick up dog crap on the lawn , the very respect I rec. from them ....

  16. Ok, unless you are stupid we know that the unemployment extension is crucial for the unemployed. Here is our saving grace, so to speak, they pass the bill or we vote all the REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE! Plan and simple! We have a voice and it is called YOUR VOTE! Use it people to vote those apposed OUT OF OFFICE!

  17. Can someone,anyone tell me the last the rep. and the demo. agreed on anything. I think its pathatic that we have men who are unable to think with their hearts and minds and simply follow there party reguardless of the issue at hand. This country is a snowball rolling to hell and we better wake up and change this house divided against its self.

  18. I agree, keep an eye on those who are for or against the Tier 5 extension. Those who are against it, really aren't "for" the people when unemployment is at an all time low. They found the money to bail out wall street, so they can fins the money to bail out the American people who really need it. Anyone against it, should be ashamed of themselves and not re-elected into office.

  19. Watch those who are against the Tier 5 extension. Those who are against it, really aren't "for" the American people. Unemployment is so HIGH. They found the money to bail out wall street, so they can find the money to bail out the American people who really need it. Anyone against it, should be ashamed of themselves and not re-elected into office.

  20. why did john mccain win the primary?

    he voted against unemployment extension

    i don't understand

  21. Republican Politicians are the SCUM of this country

  22. Just end it all. No more free entitlements. We need more conservatives in office. Lets put the unemployed in the lettuce fields and send the mexicans back to mexico. Big Daddy knows best.

  23. Unemployment hurts everyone ! The Restaurant owner who doesn't have the Friday night couple
    with the 3 kids in for dinner. The Waitress who
    lost a tip ! The cycle is endless. We have to
    support Tier 5 and make it 52 weeks. The Last Great Depression Lasted from 1929 until 1937 !
    We have 4 more long years ahead of us. This is
    not something you can fix in 3 years ! The $ 100
    billion it would cost is better than the 1 Million Forclosures. They won't be able to give
    it enough time with 20 weeks. These people have
    to have a chance to put their lives back together, they are in need ! No one man can put
    14 million people to work ! It's takes a Country!The only thing that happens is more people go with out and go on WELFARE ! Thats
    not the answer. Spend the $100 BILLION on the
    people who are unemployed ! The rest will take
    time !

    They did it before and we will do it Again.


  25. Everyone is so ready to blame republicans for this bill being a stalemate..why don't the democrats just simply use some of the unused stimulus money. Stimulus money is supposed to be used for such things and if they weren't so stubborn maybe this bill would pass. Oh I forgot, they are too busy using the stimulus money on "monkeys with cocaine problems, a half million on windows at a visitor center at Mt St Helens that has been closed since 2007, 2 million to study exotic ants in the Indian Ocean, or the $6.9 million dollars for repairs to an 1846 brick fort marooned on Dry Tortuga at the end the Florida Keys. Few people can visit this remote national park unless they hire a seaplane or take a four-hour round-trip boat ride. Ahh...the stimulus money at work. What exactly are these millions of dollars stimulating?

  26. Marie Antoinette said "Let them eat cake" and the Republicans, led by John Boehner say "Let them live in cardboard boxes". I'm going to devote all the free time I have to getting as many Republicans defeated as I can this coming election. Thanks to Bush and his GOP buddies, I now have lots of free time.


  28. I am hoping for tier 5 but I feel that come November the seate and the house will become a republican majority so the only way I see tier 5 happening is if it is paid for. Just my opinion. I lost my job last March and I am close to tier 4 right now and things arent looking real well for me either. I am just calling it like I see it.

  29. I own a small automotive specialty shop in Ohio. I have been trying to hire experienced workers for several months.
    The applicants with absolutely no experience in this field want me to pay them way, way over minimum wage to "train" them. It would take months to "train" them to a point where they could actually contribute to any sort of porofit for the company. I can't afford to do that. The skilled applicants who apply want to be paid double what I can afford to pay them,
    because (quote) " That's what I was making before I got laid off two years ago, and that's what I need to live on" .I ask them why don't they go back to that company, and they reply that the company went out of business . ( Many businesses in Ohio have indeed closed their doors) ( Maybe because they were overpaying their employees ? )
    When I ask if perhaps they could start out at a lesser wage and work their way back up again, they always reply, " Because I am making just as much money on unemployment as what you can pay me, so why should I ? I can do nothing and get paid what you are offering. "
    This is not a joke. As long as they keep doling out the Unemployment, people will continue to hold off for that "great paying job", the one that just isn't going to happen !
    My business went months barely staying afloat the last two years,because due to the economy, business was way down, but we hung in there by cancelling our own health insurance, and working long hours , and dropping our prices so low that we were barely making a dime profit, but at least it was cash flow to keep the doors open.
    Now that business has picked up a little, we have to TURN AWAY BUSINESS BECAUSE WE CAN'T FIND ANY EMPLOYEES TO DO THE WORK !! Everyone wants to be paid an outrageous salary that we cannot afford, because they actually tell me they can make more money collecting unemployment. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE ???
    I know it means I'm yelling, but I am yelling, I am so frustrated.

  30. Since many companies are practicing "Unemployed Need Not Apply" It is time to terminate CEO/CFOs, board members and upper managers of those companies

    Next it's time to make Palin's life a living hell since her chosen person in the GOP Alaskan primary has stated he is against unemployment

  31. Enough is enough! Legal U.S citizens unite! Help take the steps to save our country take our jobs back and stop this illegal immigrant invasion. What ever happen to taking real action like President Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback" from 1954 and the American way of mass round ups of illegals aliens, Spy’s & Terrorist and sending them home or imprisoning them? Isn’t that what we have a military for? Support our cause before illegal immigrant criminals have more rights than us. If other online articles report unemployment is around 20% and there are 310 million in the U.S census reports. Then there is as many as 62 million people in the U.S that are unemployed & are able to work full-time. Do we have to reach 150 million unemployed before we take action? American’s better wake up!
    The Republican’s only help the top five percent the income earners in the U.S.A. I have some news for all you idiots that earn 100k per year and think you are wealthy & therefore vote republican. YOU ARE NOWHERE NEAR THE 5% THAT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS HELPING. The republicans laugh their As*es off at you! They can’t believe that you vote for them, but they will take your vote as they promote your job going over seas and give them self’s raises. Also we must take steps to lower local city and state councilmen salaries too they are all robbing & hurting the people they serve. So please read and sign this online petition. "Petition to Reduce the Wages of Congress Men and Women from $174,000 per year to $50,000 per year at “’. " Link is below!

    Pass it on!

  32. If in Fact BP is negligent in the oil spill then the fine according to government sources is $4,300/ barrel * 60,000 barrels/day *100 days = Approximately 25,800,000,000. + cost of cleanup.
    The government should just say BP you must hire and train X number of unemployed persons and keep them on the payroll for 10 years at a salary of 100,000 per year + pay for the clean up

  33. For the Business owner in OHIO please post your
    Hourly wage when you say people are turning down your wages for unemployment ! You would have to be paying people $8.00 and hour. You need to learn how to run your business and learn
    how to hire employees for a living wage,not Mcdonalds wages. Your shop rate should be $90.00
    an hour do expect someone to work for $8.00
    with 20 years experience. Wake up smell the
    coffee,you don't know how to run a business.

  34. Lets put this in the Stimulus budget and pass it. I see no jobs on the horizon, and housing is tanking. How is anyone going to buy a house without a job. People are moving out of them instead of into them.

  35. American is going down hill. Obama is on vacation and has no comments about our rapidly sinking housing market. If it was getting better he would be the first to take credit for it and say that HE helped it grow. I don't hear him say anything about it sinking do you?

  36. Obama does not know how do handle crisis that is why he is silent. He just likes to take praise and the spotlight. When is your next vacation after you conclude Marthas Vineyard? Is it over the labor day weekend?

  37. I am just about out of benefits and I have 2 small children to feed. It is sad that they have to grow up and wonder where the next meal will come from. We may be in the streets before the first snow comes down.

  38. We were able to pay our employees a good living wage for over 20 years, until 2008 when the bottom dropped out of the economy. Businesses in Ohio were closing down every day here during 2008 and 2009. The few businesses that managed to stay open all became very competitive and dropped their prices very low just to keep their doors open.
    When no work is coming in, the overhead just keeps accumulating ( even if you make severe cuts in expenses, etc. ), so financially, the business gets deeper in the hole.

    If I charge a customer for 5 hours work, if the employee can't do it in 5 hours, I lose money.
    The insurance companies here pay $ 44.00 hour for collison work, please tell me in what state a body shop can make a steady $ 90.00 an hour
    ( and customers will pay it), because I am gonna close up shop and move there.
    I tried to post an honest view of a situation that many small business owners are currently facing, and you get on here and tell me I don't know how to run a business???? I've been in business over 30 years .I paid my employees well, they all had been with me for years, and didn't run into this problem until the last couple of years. I personally had to sell my modest house ( was only a $120,000 house) downsize to a much smaller house, cancel my own health insurance for myself and family, and I now drive a $ 1200.00 car. But you know what, that's okay. I've got a roof over my head. And I did all that so I wouldn't have to lay off any of my current employees. The bottom line is, many businesses are struggling right now, and if the money isn't there to pay the employees more, it just isn't there. Can't get blood out of a turnip.

  39. I have to resort to stealing cans out of recycle bins to pay my cable bill, sux.

  40. For those of you who have twenty years experience, and won't take a job paying $ 8.00 an hour( approximate minimum wage) , when the unemployment runs out, and it will, and you have nothing at all coming in, then will you take one of those $ 8.00 an hour job (if there not all gone by then). Just curious.
    I was making $ 20.00 an hour for last 10 years, been laid off for awhile, can't find anything else, I just went ahead and took a minumum wage job last week, because my unemployment is close to running out, and I figure an $ 8.00 an hour job is better than a -0- dollar an hour job.
    And from what I hear, the minimum wage jobs are now drying up. I just wanna work again.

  41. For the unemployed Unite and we will have a long
    hard winter. For the Ohio bodyshop owner I am
    sorry that business is bad and you are having
    difficulty. The same thing is happening to 17
    million people the jobs are drying up. Please state your coments correctly business is bad
    so you could'nt pay someone the wages for 20
    years experience,don't blame unemployment.

  42. You know what I have noticed the last year or so..... We keep reading about how every type of business in this country is downsizing, and laying off employes, but not once have I read anywhere that the Federal Government is laying off employees.... Is that where all the jobs are ? Because they are so busy spending money they need to keep a lot of employees just to do that?

  43. From the Ohio bodyshop owner....
    You is actually starting to pick up, but I am turning away work, because I can't find any employees to do the work.....unless I pay them more than what I can afford right now...if I pay them what they are asking , I will lose so much money I would have to shut my doors real soon..... and it's not because I'm making a huge profit that I'm cleaning up personally money-wise, it's because business is so bad all over, all the body shops are dropping their rates really low. My only option is to do what a lot of the other body shop owners are doing, start paying my employees under the table (so I don't have to pay their Unemployment Insurance premiums, and the Workers Comp insurance premiums, and I don't have to match out of my pocket whatever they pay for Medicare and Social Security, and also I would have to cancel my liability insurance (to cover customers cars while I'm working on them), stop paying all the small business license and permit fees, and all the other costs associated with being a "legit" business. But I don't want to do that, don't want to become one of those underground illegally ran body shops that most are turning to. That's how those places are able to do the work so cheap right now. SIgh.

  44. Until we take to the streets and protest; with or without violence -like in Athens,Greece...for "earned" human rights to survive. The Un-united States of the SCUM Congress of America will continue to spit,laugh and mock, and take their corrupted money to the bank.

    Don't believe in fax machines,telephone calls, or chit-chat sights like these...nobody cares when they are living rich, vacationing, and especially in total control of the white house.

    We have to fight...Do you understand?

    If we don't fight for the "Fallen" country of ours to first take care of its own people, then we get what we deserve..." Nothing ".

    Today, I do not deserve to see a mosque being built at ground zero.

    Tomorrow, I do not deserve to see slowly our country supporting Islamics.

    And right now, I'm tired and sick to my stomach to see another Dirty Old Republican's face living rich and eating for free.

    Teir 5 unemployment extension is dead...

    And over 16 million Americans, rather rot slowly then fight.

  45. !@#@$ the GOP they only care for themselves and nobody else. They have high paying jobs while I live in Douglas County Oregon where the Unemployment has been at a steady 15% for two years now and no jobs in sight. Someone needs to give us 99ers jobs or give us another tier of benefits, time is running out for so many of us.


    You must think people are stupid or you are just another one of these so-called "trolls"
    You said your potential employees, (mechanics)
    turn your offer of employment down cause they can earn the same weekly money on unemployment as your offered wage. So what are you saying, you are offering 8 or 9 dollars an hour for a mechanic? Hell, part pullers in a junkyard earn that! Even non experienced sub-par mechanics earn more than that. Futhermore I dam sure would not want an 8 or 9 dollar mechanic working on anything of mine, thats about like a Doctor operating on you earning Wal-Mart wages.
    If what you say is true, you have no business owning a business in the first place. People like you are part of the problem. Nothing wrong with cutting back a little in hard times, but it should start at the top first.
    You must be Mexican.

  47. What did you mean when you told that body shop owner that " he MUST BE MEXICAN " ??? I am Mexican myself, proud of it, and work a minimum wage job.


    Look my family IS in the business and understand your upper NY btw. And yeah, downsized and lost cars, sold home and liquidated more than I care to talk about. BUT business is picking back up and if you hire someone with 20+ years of experience a 5 hour job only takes 2-3 otherwise...eject...rinse and repeat. You are trolling and giving business owners a bad name just like another company that wants to hire licensed HAZMAT CDL drivers for $8 an hour when it should be paying at a minimum of $15. Bad management is bad management and great work will get you great contracts. We now have contracts with major insurance companies and are back on track. Yes, the employees we have took a %15 cut as well but we are all going to have a good christmas because we worked "together". Stop trolling and work your business.

  49. What does proud mean to you?

    The solution to this economic mess is simple. End all government welfare and entitlement programs. End the minimum wage law. Increase police patrols to combat theft and crime. Set up more tent city jails (like Sheriff Joe) to house the people who turn to crime when their entitlement programs are cutoff. Have our military go on the offense against anyone that shows a hint of aggression to us. Prosperity will follow guaranteed.

  50. I've been unemployed 19 months now and exhausting Tier 4. I have sent out literally hundreds of resumes, applied on-line,networked, walked into places where they pay only minimum wage and I am STILL unemployed! I've had only 5 interviews in all this time! I would gladly take a minimum wage, or any wage, job, but NO ONE IS CALLING ME! Why? Let's see, I think I "fit" all the categories here: 1) unemployed, 2) over 50, 3) gaps in employment history (DUH), 4) college educated, 5) bad credit (DUH).

    Now, what in the hell are we supposed to do? Wave a magic wand and get an employer to call us for an interview? There is no "welfare" to fall back on. There is only Unemployment Insurance and Social Security Disability. I am NOT disabled, so Tier 5 is all I have to help me survive until somehow I get a break. Meanwhile, Congress and the President are vacationing, companies continue to outsource our current jobs, and there is no solution in sight!

    We can vote out all the GOP, but even then I'm not sure any solutions are coming. God help us all.


  52. My first 26 weeks of benefits ends November 27th. I was reading on the UC site that if ones benefits expire no later than the week of November 20th. 2010, that they (may) be eligible for Tier 1 EUC. I miss out on that by one week. My question to anyone reading this who may have some insight on this is, Do you think there will be another extension that will help me ? I have never collected unemployment before and this is all VERY NEW to me. I'm SCARED! Can anyone help me to understand how this all really works? The UC Office just told me in so many words that If another Bill is not signed by then, I'll be S.O.L. Please HELP ME to understand.

  53. ***** TO THE 8:07pm. POST ON 8/25 *****

    Nothing personal intended its just that all the Mexican folks in the U.S.A. that have been working for low wages all these years is now catching up to all of us. It is a major contributing factor why all these companies are lowering wages. Not all of us live 10 to 15 a household to divide the living expenses that much. So no wonder 6 or 7 dollars an hour is fine for you, but now we are all paying the price.

  54. Man, after reading some of the comments from the "know-it-alls".....
    I have to take a Big Ass SHIT

  55. Here is the disease and we are the cure VOTE!

    1. Jim DeMint (R-SC), voted 0 out of 12 times for unemployment extension
    2. Jefferson Sessions (R-AL) voted only 1 of 12 times for unemployment extension
    3. Tom Coburn (R-OK) voted only 1 of 12 times
    4. Mike Johanns (R-NE) voted only 2 of 12 times
    5. Judd Gregg (R-NH) voted only 2 of 12 times
    6. Michael Enzi (R-WY) voted only 2 of 12 times
    7. John Cornyn (R-TX) voted only 2 of 12 times
    8. Jim Bunning (R-KY) voted only 2 of 12 times
    9. John Barrasso (R-WY) voted only 2 of 12 times
    10. John Thune (R-SD) voted only 3 of 12 times
    11. Kay Hutchison (R-TX) voted only 3 of 12 times.
    12. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) voted only 3 of 12 times
    13. Bob Corker (R-TN) voted only 3 of 12 times
    14. Richard Burr (R-NC) voted only 3 of 12 times
    15. Scott Brown (R-MA) voted only 2 out of 8 times (participated in only 8 votations)
    16. Christopher Bond (R-MO) voted only 3 of 12 times
    17. Robert Bennett (R-UT) voted only 3 of 12 times
    18. David Vitter (R-LA) voted only 4 of 12 times
    19. James Risch (R-ID) voted only 4 of 12 times
    20. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) voted only 4 of 12 times
    21. Mitch McConnell (R- KY) voted only 4 of 12 times
    22. John McCain (R-AZ) voted only 4 of 12 times
    23. John Isakson (R-GA) voted only 4 of 12 times
    24. James Inhofe (R-OK) voted only 4 of 12 times
    25. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) voted only 4 of 12 times
    26. John Ensign (R-NV) voted only 4 of 12 times
    27. Michael Crapo (R-ID) voted only 4 of 12 times
    28. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) voted only 4 of 12 times
    29. Roger Wicker (R-MS) voted only 4 of 12 times
    30. Richard Shelby (R-AL) voted only 4 of 12 times
    31. Pat Roberts (R-KS) voted only 5 of 12 times
    32. Richard Lugar (R-IN) voted only 5 of 12 time
    33. George LeMieux (R-FL) voted only 5 of 12 times
    34. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) voted only 5 of 12 times
    35. Charles Grassley (R-IA) voted only 5 of 12 times
    36. Thad Cochran (R-MS) voted only 5 of 12 time
    37. C. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) voted only 5 of 12 times
    38. Samuel Brownback (R-KS) voted only 5 of 12 times

  56. Just remember everyone, we all need to vote! I agree, let the Bush tax cuts for the rich pay for it! Heck that would cover at least another year of help for poverty stricken middle class workers of this country!
    Stop blaming the new president, when we all know that Georgie boy and dickie boy started this mess and continued to let it happen on their clock. If I were president Obama, I would have to take 20 vacations, just to get away from the racism,lies and the dirty, nasty remarks that are made every day! not to mention the republican party voting no on everything our president tries to do to help the middle class, the poor, and trying to create jobs just to make president Obama look bad, and then reporting on how the president is not doing enough, knowing they are the very reason why us 99ers have no extension, and they are the reason that congress cannot seem to get done what the American people deserve.....a tier 5 unemployment extension!......While all along republicans in congress, not really caring about the very people that were reduced to poverty as a result of how the republican party handles business! No thank you! Vote the republicans out in november so our children can continue to eat with a roof over their heads! The list just reminds me of why I will never vote republican, they are just backstabbing game players, voting no to help their own people survive this recession! The rich and greedy!

  57. The bounty hunters of old are not the bail enforcement agents of today. Some jurisdictions require significant training and licensure of persons engaged in the recovery of bail absconders.

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  58. McCain won because his state does not like Mexicans! Just like the slow ass state I live in with an ass hole leading it too... South Carolina! Most people are brainless here and LOVE Republicans! That is why we are at the top of most things bad and the last in most things good! Obama only takes credit when it looks like something will pass! I don't know why some of these Democrats won't call him out on it? Biden is the only one out here telling the people who the real obstructionist are! NOT OBAMA! He is too damn busy being on vacation! What a damn jelly fish!

  59. Any politician refusing to help Americans who have worked most of their lives in this Country don't need to be in office.We have paid for welfare, illegal immigrants, schools, hospitals, contribute to their getting elected. And in our hour of need they turned their backs on us.I don't care how they get the money, just get it and soon. Anyone who is not in favor of 99er's getting an extension should be voted out of office.That goes for Obama too. If u are not talking daily about the Americans who are suffering should be voted out.We should be the most important issue on their agenda.

  60. Yo Dave, if I see that who voted for what when list again I'm gonna puke all over my keyboard. Jesus let it go, we've seen it a gozillion times.

  61. slap a columnist needs to slapped.....there are no jobs moron....jobless claims just reached an alltime high in US history last week and there still 200 applicants for every job in america....and that includes burger king...of which you couldnt get a job at if things were 5 jobs for 1 applicant because you are that stupid lol... an unemployment rate still at 10%?...WAY too high and still crisis level...what an your homework before you open your pie hole.

  62. Michael CRAPO from IA? Is it really pronounced like CRAP-O? Like crap like extrament like poop, like kaka. Common.......really?

  63. To the 99er in Douglas County, Oregon, who posted anonymously on Aug. 25 -- could you give me a call? I'm a reporter writing a story about 99ers and would be very interested to hear of your experience. Rich at 1-800-452-1420, ask for extension 5135. Or direct, 503-294-5135. Thanks!

  64. Why dont people understand that the republicans work for themselves? The bills they want to pass puts money in thier own pockets. Why do you think they call em the "Bush tax cuts?" Because Bush and his oil buddies profited from them. The only good republican we had is now dead, Reagan. I believe people should work for what they get so there could be alot more done with welfare but I also believe that people need to help people and the American people need help right now. My vote will go to the democrats for sure because they see our needs and try to meet them. I'm sure the repubs think, let the churchs help the needy, let welfare help the needy, good Lord dont touch thier wallets! WAKE UP CALL GOP what are you going to do when none of us have any money to donate to the churchs and cant pay taxes to support the welfare? Where do you suppose the money will come from? Sorry to tell ya but YOURS pockets whether it is stole from crime or taken in the taxes that will have to be put onto the wealthly!!


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