Monday, August 23, 2010

Beijing China Traffic Jam 2010 Leaves Motorists Bored, Subject to Mercy of Merchants

The Beijing China traffic jam of 2010 has left motorists stranded for days, and subject to the mercy of area merchants.  The number of cargo trucks along a stretch of highway in the region has peaked at 17,000 per day which contributes to the massive slowdown.

In addition, construction, minor traffic accidents, and broken down vehicles add to the woes.  So far, thousands have been stranded for nine days.

Area merchants have arrived on foot in the area, capitalizing on their opportunity to make a quick buck.  Some motorists report paying four times the normal price for a simple cup of noodles. I can’t imagine what a newspaper would cost, or what one would do if they didn’t have any money on them.

So the next time you are stuck in traffic, remember – it could be worse.  In China , they have motorists stranded for 9 days along a busy stretch of highway, with no end in sight.


  1. Did anyone think about getting off the next exit?

  2. ^^^just made my day...

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