Friday, August 27, 2010

Canadian Idol Contestant is Terror Suspect

Canadian Idol, which is American Idol for Canada, had a terror suspect for a contestant. Dr. Khurram Sayed Sher auditioned for the show back in 2008. During his audition, he sang a version of Avril Lavigne's "Complicated."

He also did a dance, which included a moonwalk. The judges were not impressed with his antics, and needless to say he didn't advance very far in the competition.

The whole thing looked more like a comedy act than anything else. Well, now Sher was arrested on Tuesday. It's alleged that he and a couple other suspects also arrested had the schematics and plans to build IEDs.

Even scarier, one of the men had been trained overseas on how to make booby traps - how dangerous.

The worst part about the war on terror is that the terrorists try to integrate (and usually do) with the western world, capitalizing on their acceptance of those who are different. Who would have thought that a terrorist would try to be on Canadian Idol?

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  1. Is Sher simply addicted, like so many in our media society, to prostrating himself before idealized abstractions of of power both worldly and heavenly so that the most grievous of judgments can be serially cast down upon him (building up, that is, to that final one), all in order to overcome them by virtue of willfully submitting to them? This is the very essence of masochism…


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