Friday, August 27, 2010

Iran Nuclear Program could Signify Doomsday?

The Iranian nuclear program has garnered a lot of world attention. Iran ’s nuclear program is taking place despite wide opposition from the UN. After several sanctions, Iran loaded the nuclear reactors in their power plant and now have the chance to enrich uranium.

Aiding Iran is Russia – one of the US ’s adversaries. Of course, relations between the US and Russia have improved slightly since the end of the Cold War era, but there’s still a lot of animosity between the two countries.

The Australian reports about the probability that a nuclear Tehran could signify doomsday. They indicate that an opinion piece on the daily Ha'aretz which reads “There is an 80 per cent probability that within nine months to two years from now the Israeli home front will absorb 1000 to 20,000 losses.”

The cause of the losses are expected to be from retaliation from Israeli missile strikes on Iran ’s nuclear program.

Iran doesn’t currently have a nuclear weapon, but with every bit of enriched uranium they get they are just all the more closer. It’s a scary time for the world, don’t you think? DO you think we are on the brink of World War III?


  1. why is the U.S. telling other countries
    what to do. israel and iran have issues right?
    israel can have nuclear but not Iran.
    Fucking Illuminati jews.

  2. the difference is israel only has it for protection while Iran wants it for attack. Iran is a country that has sworn to destroy israel. ahmenidijad has said this over and over again. a simple google search will varify this. therefore, israel having bomb - stabilizing factor in an unstable region while iran having bomb- threat of total annihilation and world war three. its really not a complicated equation. its like saying how come an adult is allowed to drink while a teenager is not and the answer is quite obvious. the adult is mature and is assumed to know how to handle himself while the teenager will probably get alcohol poisoning.


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