Sunday, August 29, 2010

FIBA World Championship 2010 A Big Success for USA

The FIBA World championship 2010 has gone great for the US so far.  Of course, the matches that the USA faced in the FIBA world championship so far are against Slovenia and Croatia, and the team was able to blow those two matches out of the water. 

The first match was won 106-78.  This, of course, showed that the US still has a lot of tightening up to do to ensure that they make it to the title match.

The second match against Slovenia was won by the US with a final score of 99-77. Kevin Durant scored 22 points and Kevin Love had 11 rebounds. 

Spain was beat by France with a final score of 72-66, but it's still early enough in the tournament for Spain to be disqualified now.  Spain won the FIBA title four years ago, and nearly beat the US in an exhibition match.

It's a very intense tournament, so stay tuned for updates.

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