Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sarah Palin Glenn Beck Rally Speech Message and Video

Sarah Palin's speech at the Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor" rally is something that many are interested in.  Sarah Palin is a very high profile conservative politician, and her attendance and participation at the Glenn Beck rally made many question Beck's insistence that the whole thing wasn't "political." 

The reason that the rally wasn't political was because it was to benefit a non-profit organization that helps out our troops.  Non-profit organizations cannot receive funds from politically motivated events. 

Sarah Palin's messages on Twitter show that it was an inspirational day.You can click here to read what she had to say after yesterday's meet. 

Sarah Palin did have a powerful message, aimed at her adversaries during Glenn Beck's rally.  She said the following:

You can say what you want to say about me, but at least I raised a combat fighter, and you can't take that away from me.

To view the video of Palin's speech, look below.  What are your thoughts on her speech?


  1. Sarah Palin nailed it on Saturday! She spoke from the heart saying many of the things that we Americans feel about our courageous military. Her tribute to those three heroes brought tears to my eyes. Even for those of us who are not mothers of those who are serving, the speech was a rousing and emotional reminder that those men and women who put on our uniform are ALL our children, and there is no more HONORABLE calling in this world.

  2. I thought she was inspiring.

  3. I thought she was awful. Since 1945 the United States has been waging war almost exclusively with third world countries, the major issue being who will control and profit from access to their resources. Sarah Palin takes pride in having raised a son trained to kill third-worlders in the name of American corporate interests. The misuse of religion and God at the rally made me puke. Beck and Palin are calling on Americans to relate to their religion in precisely the manner the ayatollahs called on the Iranians to relate to theirs.

  4. The worlds economy is in a recession. President Obama is without question the most honest and caring politicians America has ever had.
    That however doesn't stop the likes of Glenn Beck and the Fox News right-winged propaganda
    machine trying to discredit all the good Obama is trying to do. Like so many around the world I can't believe that so many Americans are fooled by lies and political corruption. Fox News, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin have one simple agenda, to remove Obama and the Democrats from power.

  5. representing any party is stupid this just showes we need a strong 3rd party.

  6. I can't believe some of the idiotic things people say. Without having to point out all the miserable things the Dems have done in such a short time the true criminals in our system will be put out of office soon. Obama is OTP! One Term President

  7. Go Sarah! You speak for many of us.

  8. Sarah, I still beleave you are annointed and appointed "for such a time as this". You are absolutely what this country needs and regardless of what man plans, our Father in Heaven has His own plan and He is in control. Stay the course Sarah!!!!


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