Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glenn Beck Rally August 2010 Brings Powerful Message to Washington

Glenn Beck's rally during August 2010 brings a powerful message to Washington DC. There are hundreds of those in attendance at Glenn Beck's rally that are wanting to restore the core values to American society.

What are those values? Our founding fathers founded the United States as a Christian nation. as that nation, we are at a crossroads. Do we continue on with our Christian values, or abandon them for the ideologies that have come up during recent years?

Many, Glenn Beck included, want to restore the nation back to the Christian values. This, of course, is rather controversial. Over the years as our population has increased so have the religions that represent our population.

The biggest case in point about the religions now represented by our population comes from those who practice the religion of Islam. The so-called Ground Zero mosque which is 300 yards from the 9/11 ground zero.

The powerful message from the rally is that there are Americans out there that want to return to the Christian nation we once were. Will that happen?Only if they let their voices be heard. Obama told MSNBC that he ignored the rally However,altogether, and didn't even pay attention to what was going on at the National Mall this weekend.


  1. I ignored it too. Glenn Beck left the Catholic Church on his own accord.

  2. Ever heard of "separation of church and state"? It was an idea popularized in the US partly by Thomas Jefferson.


  4. Glenn Beck has never read the Federalist Papers. If he had, he would understand what the founding fathers intended...

  5. I greatly admire Glenn Beck. I really like what he is doing.....I hope his ideas become reality. I'm just 13 and I hate the direction this country is going.

  6. Glenn Beck may seem radical right wing to some, but if you have followed him as I have since before he became the public icon he is now, you would know that the man has principles. He's level-headed, just right of center...not radical. And, I'm sure that he can diagnose our founding fathers' intent from the documents they left behind far better than our lousy president, speaker of the house or poor excuse for a vp...or than mr. "federalist papers" can.


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