Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glenn Beck Rally Restoring Honor Brings Hundreds of Thousands to DC

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally has brought hundreds of thousands of people to the nation's Capital city.  There are millions of people online watching the rally live streaming on Facebook and also live streaming via UStream.  The Glenn Beck rally isn't a politically motivated rally - it's for the troops and after the expenses for the rally are paid for, the proceeds will benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

So far in viewing the rally online, it doesn't appear politically motivated at all.  Even Sarah Palin has been pretty good at keeping politics from her speech.

Hundreds of thousands of people are in DC for the Glenn Beck restoring honor rally. Hotels are all booked up around the city, and there were crowd advisories on the city's metro line. 

So many people were there, that not everyone that was at the Nation's Mall was able to hear the event very well.  However, people were there to send a message that people want a change and want to restore honor.

Say what you want about Glenn Beck.  He's controversial, and he's got plenty of adversaries.  However, he's doing an amazing thing for our troops - and that's honorable. 

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