Friday, August 27, 2010

Glenn Beck Rally, Restoring Honor Rally top Glenn Beck Related Searches

Glenn Beck rally and “Restoring Honor Rally” top Glenn Beck related searches on the eve of Glenn Beck’s famed rally. At the Lincoln memorial in Washington DC , the Fox News show host, Sarah Palin, and a host of other conservatives will gather to discuss restoring honor to the US .

As with anything else touched by Beck, this meeting isn’t coming without criticism. First, it is being held on August 28. For the history buffs out there you already know that that is the anniversary of the famed “I have a dream” speech of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. You also know that the speech was given at the very same place Beck is holding his rally.

Some question Beck’s motive for the rally. Why is it on such an important Civil Rights date? Although he claims there is no political motivation, his opponents roll their eyes in disgust. After all, if there’s no political agenda, then why have prominent conservative politicians such as Sarah Palin there? Of course, Sarah Palin is also a Fox News Contributor…

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation is sponsoring the event. As a non-profit, they cannot host political events because of IRS guidelines. It is for that reason that Glenn Beck did not include ELECTED officials in the lineup. As many think that this IS a political event, expect there to be some heated debate over the appropriateness of the sponsorship.

Further, the proceeds are going to the foundation, but AFTER the expenses have been paid. Because of stringent IRS guidelines ruling non-profits, the expenses will have to be transparent to the public.

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