Thursday, August 5, 2010

Glenn Beck Twitter: 'Favorite' White Nationalist, Deleted Post

Glenn Beck uses Twitter, and is reported to have used the 'favorite' feature in Twitter to promote a post of a white nationalist. Glenn Beck then, without explanation, deleted said post from his account. The white nationalist in question is @MalevoFreedom.

Who knew that 140 characters could get someone in so much trouble? From Sarah Palin to Glenn Beck to even socialites like Kim Kardashian, Twitter remains on the forefront of many discussion centering on the stars. One regular guy from the UK even got enormous fame when Kanye West decided to make him the one follower on his Twitter list.

So it comes as little surprise that someone so catalyzing as Glenn Beck would become under increased scrutiny for his Twitter usage.

Glenn Beck is seen by his adversaries as a conspiracy theorist. Had Obama used the 'favorite' feature on a similar type post, then subsequently deleted it - it would have been a huge issue on Glenn Beck's show.

Of course, since Glenn Beck deleted his favorite there's no link you can go to to verify. However, a Tweet from @MalevoFreedom read:

"Woah- #Beck fav's something I said- and all of a sudden everybody grows an opinion. Thanks for the support AND the hate mail :)"

Of course Glenn Beck is extremely controversial. As hard as he is on the NAACP, it's quite ironic that this is coming out. Still yet, the jury is out on Beck. Some are going to applaud him for his alleged 'favorite' while others are going to point and showcase that as just another reason why his many theories are wrong.

What do you think? 

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  1. And this is more important than the Journolist? Really?


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