Thursday, August 5, 2010

Glenn Beck and Prop8: Library Removes Gay Book While Prop8 Overturned

Glenn Beck requested libraries to remove copies of the book, "Revolutionary Voices" is the name of the book, and Glenn Beck calls it "child pornography." Gay rights activists are pointing to the possibility that Beck's problem with the book lies in it being about same-sex relationships.

While libraries in New Jersey are removing "Revolutionary Voices" from their shelves, a judge thousands of miles away, in California, made a ruling that Prop8 is unconstitutional. Proposition 8 is the Gay Marriage ban that was voted into law in California. Appeals are expected.

So we have two opposite reactions to the Gay rights movement. On one hand, an anthology of first person accounts of same-sex relationships is getting removed from shelves of libraries during Glenn Beck's 9.12 program, while a Federal judge has ruled that a ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.

Gay rights, immigration, health care, and unemployment are all going to play big roles in the upcoming elections. What do you think about Glenn Beck getting a book removed from libraries, and what do you think about the overturning of Prop8?

Reference: USA Today


  1. You idiot. Glenn Beck requested this? It was the 9/12 project which he created but now has NOTHING TO DO WITH. Get your facts straight.

  2. Wait , so this group Beck created got it removed? Well then it is his fault!

  3. Nothing to do with? You sound like the idiot.

  4. Beck does not run the 9/12 project. Thus he isn't responsible for it's activities on the ground. And furthermore, this wasn't even the 9/12 project, but rather someone who happened to be a member of it.

  5. Anyone who advocates the removal of books from libraries do not deserve to live in this beautiful, diverse, and free country. What a Nazi Pig!!! Glen Beck should move to Afghanistan where he can burn books and stone homos!


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