Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The “Ground Zero Mosque” a Political Debate During Elections

The “Ground Zero Mosque” is the planned establishment which is situated near the 9/11 ground zero location. It is there where many Americans lost their lives at the hands of radical Islamists. The debate is heated over whether or not an Islamic place of worship should be so close to where so many lost their lives.

The debate gained even more steam when the President said that the Muslims have the “right” to build their worship centers on private property. This comment gained him criticism from, among other people – Rush Limbaugh.

All critics and supporters aside, the “ground zero mosque” is becoming a hot political topic – and a buzz during the election year. Voters are cautioned to consider some of the bigger issues that are facing our country. The looming unemployment figures, lackluster economy, and more.

Still, there are many Americans who feel strongly one way or another about the worship center and its proximity to the World Trade Center . These individuals may align themselves with politicians with the same view, or at least distance themselves from politicians with openly opposite views.

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